First Time Camper Must Haves:Essential Equipment List

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For the first-time camper, it is often difficult to know what to pack. If you have a buying guide all your problems will be solved, in this article, we will recommend a list of first-time Camper Must Haves. Worry-free journey when you have the right gear.

3、Sleeping bag or sleeping mat
4, Picnic mat
5、Camping trolley
6、Camping lamp or horse lamp
7、Outdoor folding table and chairs
8、Outdoor cookware and tableware
9、Solar refrigerator
10、Solar Panel & Portable Power Station

First-Time Camper Must Haves


It is the most important camper must haves! Choosing the most suitable tent for camping in the wild can also be a comfortable enjoyment. There are many brands and styles of tents on the market, from the type, and size to the choice of fabric are all very important factors, you must do your homework before buying!

camper must haves
Camping Canopy
When camping, cooking, eating, and chatting will usually set up another space to use, in winter, rest area tents and activity area canopy is a common combination, but because of the hot weather in summer, the canopy can make air convection more ventilated and comfortable, so there are a lot of campers will also choose the tent plus the canopy, but pay special attention to the fact that most of the canopy does not have tent poles and pegs, so you need to prepare another tent poles and pegs, so you need to prepare another tent poles and pegs. However, it is important to note that most canopy tents do not have poles and pegs, so you need to prepare poles and pegs to fix and adjust the height. In addition, some large tents are designed as one-room tents, which is also a good choice for novice campers!

camping must haves
Sleeping bag or sleeping pad
Sleeping bags are available in “natural down”, “chemical fiber” and “fleece” categories, generally speaking, we recommend choosing a down sleeping bag, because the benefits of down are very warm and lightweight, and it does not take up much space when you store it. The benefits of down are that it is hot and lightweight, and it takes up less space to store. If you are going to a campground at a lower altitude where the temperature is higher, you can also choose to bring a thin blanket as a quilt. Sleeping pads are also part of the soul of camping! In addition to insulating the floor from cold and moisture, a good sleeping pad will make you more comfortable and allow you to sleep through the night outdoors.

camping equipment-sleeping pad
Picnic mat
Picnic mats can be used in addition to daily picnics, but also for the tent space mats, which usually have a lot of styles and colors, in the camping style layout also one of the very important camper must haves.

camping must haves- picnic mat
Camping Trolley
Camping trolleys can be used as storage and transportation equipment, put on the ground easily to moisture, or dirty things can be put on the trolley, which can keep them dry and clean. The equipment pushed to go convenient and labor-saving, good pull, push, and not stuck is the first condition to buy this camping equipment.

Camping Trolley
Camping light or horse lamp
Outdoor camping, the night arrives on the need for lighting, this time the choice of camping lamps and lanterns is very important, the choice of camping lamps and lanterns is nothing more than the lumens (brightness), ease of use, use, and so on. In this era of camping aesthetics, a camping light bar is a good choice to create atmosphere and brightness. Then there are ground lights, which are not essential, but they are a great guardian of nighttime safety in the camping area and a thoughtful camping accessory that prevents tripping over camping ropes at night.

must haves camping light
Outdoor Folding Table and Chairs
Outdoor folding tables and chairs are very necessary, you can sit around with your friends to share food, warm up, or do some entertainment activities, which can provide you with a more comfortable camping experience.

Folding Table and Chairs for camping
Outdoor Cookware and Utensils
Traditional camping cookware can use cassette stoves, which are more powerful and can cook food outdoors, but the disadvantage is that the use of open flames may lead to fire, which is a safety hazard. You can use electrical cookware, which is safer and more environmentally friendly.

Solar Refrigerator
Solar refrigerators can keep food fresh, even if you stay outdoors for a few days, you don’t have to worry about food spoilage or corruption, and solar refrigerators can use solar power, more convenient.
Solar Panel & Portable Power Station
Camping solar panel is a must-have camping equipment that converts sunlight into electricity to charge the portable power station continuously. The power storage can be used to run electrical devices directly or to charge electronic devices such as cell phones, cameras, fans, and computers. At night, it can light up the campground.

200W Solar Panels
Sungold Solar Panel & Ecoflow Portable Power Station

The most important thing is a new and unrelenting courage to enjoy nature, so set out to enjoy the natural scenery when you are ready!

FAQs About Camper Must Haves


How many solar panels to power a camper?

As the camper must-haves, the number of solar panels needed to power a camper can vary depending on your power usage and the capacity of your batteries. Here are some general guidelines:

If you have one 12V battery with roughly 100AH, you will need a minimum of 300 watts of solar panels.
If you have a couple of 12V batteries or 2 six golf cart volt batteries with about 200 up to 250 AH, you will need a minimum of 400-watt solar panels.
If you have four six-volt golf cart batteries containing between 400 and 600 AH or four twelve-volt batteries, you will need a minimum of 600 watts of solar panels.
These recommendations are based on the metric to generate 30 AH of battery charge using a 100W solar panel, between five to nine hours of exposure to sunlight.

How to hook up solar panels to a camper?

To connect solar panels to a camper, first mount the panels on the roof. Connect them together and run the wiring to a charge controller inside the RV. Connect the controller to a fuse panel, and then to your power station. An optional inverter can be installed for AC power.

How does a solar refrigerator work? Is it necessary for camping?

A solar refrigerator works by utilizing energy from the sun to power a highly efficient DC compressor to keep perishable goods like food, drinks, medicines, and more cool. The solar energy absorbed by photovoltaic (PV) solar panels creates direct current (DC) electrical power1. This power enables the compressor in the fridge to heat a refrigerant gas and begin the cooling process. The refrigerant vapor is heated by the compressor, then it moves through the fridge and into evaporator coils while cooling. As it cools, it absorbs heat from inside the refrigerator while evaporating. Once evaporated into a liquid again, it returns to the compressor to start the whole process over again, keeping the inside and contents of a fridge cool.

As for whether a solar refrigerator is necessary for camping, it depends on your specific needs and circumstances. A solar refrigerator can be a great addition to your camping gear if you’re planning an extended trip and need to keep food and drinks cool for a longer period. It’s particularly useful if you’re camping in areas where electricity is not readily available. However, you should consider factors such as the overall storage capacity you may need, what items you are thinking of storing, and your budget. Also, remember that if you are camping in the woods or in cloudy weather, you will not get enough sun to run your fridge unless you use a battery. So, while it’s not strictly necessary, it can certainly enhance your camping experience.


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