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400 Watt Solar Panel For Sale

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HP-D-400W Solar Panel

  • Brand: Sungold
  • Cells Efficiency:22.00%
  • Folding Size: 590*900*90mm
  • Unfolding Size: 2362*900*25mm
  • Weight: 12.6kg


Sungold Hi-Power 400 Watt Solar Panel is an efficient, foldable solar panel. High power output, can be adapted to the 1-2.5kwh portable solar power station. 400 Watt Solar Panel adopts patented materials, and new technology, and has a 5-year warranty to give you a better experience. 400w solar panel is very suitable for high-power application scenarios such as off-grid homes, RVs, commercial vehicles, ships, outdoor camping, and outdoor emergencies.

Sungold 400w portable solar panel HP-D absorbs sunlight and converts it into renewable energy, which is green and environmentally friendly. The foldable 400w solar panel consists of four 100W solar panels, easy to use and takes up little storage space, providing you with faster and more convenient charging.

Product Features


ETFE Solar Panel

High conversion efficiency


HP-D-400W portable Solar panel

ETFE material

ETFE Surface Material

The excellent weather resistance, high light transmission and outstanding protection properties of ETFE surface materials significantly improve the performance and lifetime of ETFE solar panels 400w, providing a reliable guarantee of power generation efficiency and quality.

High Conversion Efficiency

Hi-power 400 Watt Solar Panel use the latest technology in monocrystalline solar cells, using PERC shingled-cell technology to make it the highest quality, with conversion efficiency as high as 22%. As long as the solar panel is set up, it can be charged quickly and has high power output.

Lightweight 3

Lightweight and Portable

400 watt solar panel has a foldable and portable design and weighs only 12.6 kg. Using Sungold patented materials, the overall weight of the product is about 30% lighter than other products of the same power. It is equipped with a buckle to help you organize it. It is also very easy to carry with the help of a carrying handle.


The surface of the 400W solar panel is made of ETFE material and equipped with MC4 connector with IP68 protection,which ensures the reliable use of the solar panel in humid or dusty environments, waterproof and resistant to dust.

Waterproof 2

Sungold with Multi-Authority Certification

Sungold Hi-Power Series has earned the distinction of being the world’s first consumer-grade PV product line to achieve certification from TÜV SÜD in accordance with IEC TS63163 standards. The HP-D 400W solar panels, constructed using high-quality industrial-grade PV materials, have successfully withstood a battery of 15 specialized tests, resulting in the issuance of authoritative certification for consumer-grade PV modules.

In addition to this groundbreaking certification, our 400 Watt Solar Panel have also garnered a slew of prestigious credentials, including CE, REACH, and RoHS certifications. These certifications collectively underscore the exceptional performance and quality of the Hi-Power series solar panels, providing consumers with an unwavering assurance of trust and excellence.

400w solar panel

400 Watt Portable Solar Panels

Efficient and continuous charging experience.Sungold 400 Watt Solar Panel is foldable, lightweight and portable, you can take it with you wherever you need power support to ensure you get power on the go.Made of high efficiency ETFE surface material, it can improve charging efficiency. Additionally, the foldable solar panel is equipped with an adjustable bracket that allows you to adjust to the angle of the sun at any time, resulting in a 22% higher conversion rate.

400 Watt Solar Panel

Work with Diverse Portable Power Stations

The 400 watt solar panel is equipped with MC4 connector, which is highly compatible and can be used with a wide range of generators and portable power stations. Plug and play, immediately after connection, it can absorb the sunlight and convert it into solar energy to supply power to electric devices.
Sungold 400w solar panels with PERC shingled cell have excellent power generation efficiency and charging speed. It continues to charge the storage device even while you are using the storage power, ensuring that you always have enough storage power to meet your power needs.
Work with Diverse Portable Power Stations

IP68 Waterproof Solar Panel

Sungold 400 watt solar panels have an IP68 waterproofed surface, equipped with MC4 connectors after rigorous waterproofing test, a high IP resistance level of 68. waterproof test water depth of 2 meters, test time is 2 hours, after the test, no water droplets dustproof test standard test time is 8 hours without dust entering.

This means that it can perform well in various humidity and dusty environments, even when placed under water or in dusty environments, without affecting its normal and efficient power generation performance. The sturdy frame of the 400 watt solar panel not only provides reliable protection, but also effectively prevents debris, dust and water erosion, ensuring long-term stable operation of the solar panel.

IP68 Waterproof Solar Panel
Portable & Easy to Use

Portable & Easy to Use

The portable solar panel 400W has a portable carrying handle and comes with a portable black soft case to provide protection for your solar panel. Featuring a folding design, it takes up minimal space and is easy to store and carry. Weighing in at only 27.7 pounds, it makes it easy to carry it to a variety of locations such as campgrounds, RV campsites, and more.

The Foldable design allows you to unfold the solar panels and utilize the back stand support to capture more sunlight. Four independent stable stands ensure stable support even on rough ground. Once the panels are adjusted to the proper angle, connect it to the power station and start generating power with ease, making it simple to operate and easy to use.


Sungold high-power series portable 400 watt solar panel can be used in off-grid scenarios such as outdoor camping, RV, large-scale energy storage, etc., and are durable and cost-effective.


The HP-D-400 Watt Solar Panel does not require complicated connections, only 2 simple wires are needed to connect the portable power station and the solar panel. Then you can enjoy the ample power output from high-efficiency solar panels.

Maximum power(Pmax)400W
Open-circuit voltage(Voc)43.1V
Voltage at Pmax(Vmp)36.5V
Short-circuit current(Isc)11.62A
Current at Pmax(Imp)10.96A
Cells efficiency(%)22.00%
The maximum system voltage200V DC(IEC)
Power temperature coefficient-0.38%/℃
Voltage temperature coefficient-0.36%/℃
Current temperature coefficient0.07%/℃
Output power tolerance±3%
Operating temperature-20~70℃
Unfolding size


Warranty5 years

400 Watt Solar Panel FAQs

Efficiency is the ability of a solar panel to convert sunlight into electricity. The efficiency of a solar panel is usually expressed as a percentage of how much light energy is converted into electricity.
Standard 400 watt solar panels typically have an efficiency of between 18% and 22%. This means that they can convert about 18% to 22% of the sun’s rays into electricity.
Sungold 400w solar panels HP-D-400w have an efficiency of up to 22.%, which allows them to produce more electricity under the same light conditions, which provides electrical support for limited installation space or where there is a specific electrical energy requirement. As solar technology evolves and Sungold products are upgraded, even higher efficiency solar panels may be available in the future.

Installation and maintenance of traditional 400 watt solar panels requires some specialized knowledge and skills. However, Sungold HP-D-400W is very easy to install and maintain.
Simply unfold the solar panels and secure the mounting bracket, connect the energy storage and adjust the angle to start generating electricity.
Regular Cleaning: keep the surface of the solar panel clean, remove dust, dirt and weeds etc. regularly, which will help to improve the power generation efficiency of the panel.
Regular Inspection: Check the panels and brackets for looseness or damage every once in a while, and repair or replace them in time.
Prevent shadows: Ensure that shadows do not cover the panels in the surrounding environment, as even partial shadows can drastically reduce the power generation efficiency of the entire panel set.
Regularly check the power output: You can check the power output of the solar panel regularly through the inverter monitoring system or other power monitoring equipment to ensure its normal operation.

Different brands and models of 400wt solar panels may have different quality and durability, regular cleaning and maintenance is also key to keep your solar panels waterproof and durable, regular inspection and maintenance of your solar panels can ensure the long-term efficient operation of your solar panels.

The surface of Sungold 400wt solar panel HP-D-400w is covered with ETFE material, which is splash-proof. If you use the MC4 connector, the waterproof The whole product can be completely immersed in water without affecting the work of the product.

Sungold 400wt solar panel HP-D-400w has a 5 year warranty and a 10 year service life.

400 watt solar system can be used in different environments, but its performance and suitability may be affected by some factors. The following are some of the environments in which 400 watt solar system is suitable for use:

High sunlight areas: 400 watt solar panels are particularly suitable for use in high sunlight areas as this maximizes the power generation potential of the solar panels. The local sunlight is abundant and more electricity can be generated.

Homes with large roof or floor space: For homes with large roof or floor space, 400w solar panels can be relatively easy to install and set up to meet some or all of a home’s electricity needs.

Commercial and industrial applications: 400 watt solar systems are also suitable for commercial and industrial applications, especially for small to medium sized businesses where a system consisting of multiple solar panels can be installed on the roof or grounds.

Off-grid systems: If you are located in an area where there is no stable grid power, the 400 watt solar system can be used as an off-grid system to help you obtain an independent power supply.

Systems in parallel with the grid: For areas with stable grid power, 400 watt solar systems can be connected in parallel with the grid, backfeeding excess power through the grid, thus lowering the cost of electricity for your home or business.

The size of cable needed for 400 w solar panels depends on several factors, including the distance between the solar panels and the charge controller or inverter, as well as the amount of current (in amperage) produced by the solar panels.
To determine the proper cable size, consider the following factors:
Current: Find out the maximum current output of 400 w solar panels. The solar panel specifications or data sheet should have this information.
Distance: Measure the distance between the solar panels and the charge controller or inverter. This will help determine the voltage drop across the cable.
Cable Type: Select the type of cable suitable for the installation, e.g. copper conductor or aluminum conductor.
Voltage Drop: Calculate the voltage drop across the cable. Excessive voltage drop can lead to power loss and reduced efficiency, so it must be kept within acceptable limits.
Amperage: Ensure that the cable’s ampacity (current carrying capacity) is sufficient to handle the maximum current output of the solar panel.
Temperature Rating: Consider the temperature conditions of the installation area and select cables with an appropriate temperature rating.
For most residential solar installations using 400 watt solar panels, the appropriate cable size for short distances is usually between 10 AWG (U.S. wire gauge) and 12 AWG. However, for longer distances or higher current outputs, thicker cables and lower AWG values may be needed to minimize voltage drop.

Solar panels are typically required to meet a range of international certification standards and safety regulations to ensure their quality, performance and safety.

Sungold 400 watt solar panels HP-D-400W have obtained ICE63163 certification, RoHS, EMC CE, LVD CE professional certifications, which are in line with international certification standards, and the quality and performance of the product can be trusted.

The physical size of a 400 watt solar panel will vary depending on the specific manufacturer and model. However, the dimensions of Sungold HP-D-400W are:
Folded size: 900*590*90mm
Expanded size: 2362*900*25mm
Sungold provides OEM customization, support wattage as well as size customization, you can contact us to learn more.

Of course, besides HI Power series 400w portable solar panels, Sungold also has 400w rigid solar panels and flexible solar panels 400w. Sungold provides customized wattage, contact us for more details.

A 400w solar panel can power various devices and appliances, depending on its capacity, the amount of sunlight it receives, and the energy requirements of Here are some examples of what a 400W solar panel can potentially power: Multiple LED lights or CFL bulbs.

Multiple LED lights or CFL bulbs.

Fans, such as ceiling fans or table fans.

Small household appliances like laptops, phone chargers, and small TVs.

Small household appliances like laptops, phone chargers, and small TVs. Camping equipment, such as lights and portable refrigerators.

Water pumps (small ones).

Charging batteries for later use.

Yes, 400w portable solar panels are suitable for both on-grid and off-grid systems.

Grid-tie system: In a grid-tie system, solar panels convert solar energy into electricity and inject it directly into the grid. This way you can use the power generated by the solar panels and at the same time get additional power from the grid (e.g. at night or when the weather is cloudy). In this case, you can connect your 400-watt portable solar panels to an inverter, which converts the DC power to AC power and injects it into the grid.

Off-grid system: In an off-grid system, portable solar panels convert solar energy into electricity and store it in a battery. You can use the electricity stored in the battery for power supply without relying on the grid. This type of system is ideal for use in areas without grid power or in situations such as camping in the wilderness. You can connect your portable solar panels to the battery via a charge controller to safely store the power.

Whether you choose a grid-tied system or an off-grid system, 400-watt portable solar panels can provide you with a clean, renewable power solution.

Hi-Power Portable Solar Panels for RV

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The Hi-power series comes in an array of sizes and form factors, with peak power 400 watts , Download our guide to 400 watt solar panels


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