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Folding Solar Panels-Energize Your Outdoor Adventures

Sungold Solar introduces the versatile LVP and SGF series, each available in 130W, 180W, and 300W models, designed to meet the diverse needs of outdoor enthusiasts, from campers and RV owners to sailors and off-grid adventurers. Essential for anyone seeking a durable, portable, and efficient solar power solution to meet the energy needs of remote locations.

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Versatile Outdoor Energy Solutions

At Sungold Solar, we recognize the importance of reliable solar power solutions that cater to the dynamic lifestyles of modern adventurers. Our LVP and SGF series of folding solar panels, engineered with precision and innovative design, are perfect for a variety of outdoor scenarios—from tranquil camping to challenging explorations. These series showcase our commitment to research, design, production, and customer service, ensuring that every product meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Customised Solutions for You

The diverse needs of outdoor enthusiasts require versatile power solutions. Both the LVP and SGF series offer models ranging from 130W to 300W, providing ample power for everything from charging small handheld devices to supporting substantial energy needs for RVs and boats. This range ensures that whether you are a solo traveler needing to charge a camera or a family powering a portable fridge, there’s a Sungold solution ready to meet the demand.

Customization to Fit Your Unique Needs

We understand that the standard 12V and 24V configurations commonly found in the market don’t always align with every user’s requirements. Sungold Solar’s dedicated engineering team is equipped to customize cell configurations and panel sizes to deliver the exact voltage and power output you need, ensuring efficient operation of your devices no matter where your travels take you.

Design That Reflects Your Style

Beyond functionality, we believe in providing solar solutions that reflect your personal style. The LVP and SGF series can be customized not just in technical specifications but also in aesthetics—from the color and materials of the solar panels to the design of the carrying cases. Let your solar panels be as unique as your adventures.

End-to-End Customer Support

Choosing the LVP or SGF series from Sungold Solar means opting for a partner who supports you every step of the way. From the initial consultation to after-sales support, our team is dedicated to ensuring your solar panels perfectly complement your outdoor lifestyle. We are committed to providing flexible and adaptable solar solutions, making your off-grid adventures, family outings, or emergency backup needs more sustainable and reliable.

Foldable Solar Panels FAQ

Have questions about our LVP and SGF series folding solar panels? Browse through our FAQs below for detailed answers on how these versatile solar solutions can meet your outdoor power needs effectively.

Folding solar panels are convenient, practical, and portable, but they do require full exposure to sunlight to provide optimal charging of the device. The best use for folding solar panels is for any outdoor activity where electricity is needed but the sun is the only option.

Folding solar panels are lightweight, durable, and highly portable. Individual solar modules are mounted on weather-resistant fabric that can be quickly folded for storage and unfolded for use. The unrivalled durability allows them to be used in harsh environments and the solar panels will work even if some of the components are damaged.

SGF portable solar panels have a lifespan of approximately 25 years. However, as with all electronics, over time, solar panels will experience natural wear and tear, and the overall efficiency and power output of the solar panel may decrease.

Small foldable portable solar panels are usually waterproof, not water resistant. Waterproof solar panels can usually be mounted on a house, cabin, or vehicle. Additionally, the waterproof feature can be extended to charge controllers to enhance their versatility.

Reduced efficiency, since flexible solar panels are glued or taped to a surface, there is no mounting bracket underneath. The lack of space between the flexible solar panel and the roof means that too much heat can build up, damaging the panel and shortening its life.

Off-grid power. Lower energy bills. Compatible with cars and caravans. Outdoor charging capabilities. Extremely durable. Quick installation and use reduces environmental impact independence and reliability.

Portable solar panels capture sunlight efficiently and are best suited for stationary installations such as base camps or emergency power stations. In terms of profit, the superior quality of portable solar panels converts a high percentage of sunlight into electricity, saving space for compact backgrounds.

Folding solar panels are convenient, practical, and portable, but they do require full exposure to sunlight to provide optimal charging of the device. The best use for folding solar panels is for any outdoor activity where electricity is needed but the sun is the only option.

SGF and LVP are both portable folding panels, but SGF panels are made of glass panels and LVP is ETFE surface material, relative to the same power, SGF is much heavier than LVP.

Because LVP uses lighter and more efficient cells, which are relatively lighter, but the overall warranty is shorter compared to SGF, which is a traditional glass module.

Ready to harness the power of the sun with our solar solutions? Click here to inquire today and learn more about how our LVP and SGF series can energize your adventures!

Where Can Folding Solar Panels Be Used?

Foldable solar panels are ideal for a variety of settings where traditional power sources are unavailable. Whether you’re camping in the backcountry, traveling in an RV, or spending the day on a boat, these panels provide the portable power you need. Their design allows them to be easily packed and transported, making them perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who need to power devices like GPS units, cameras, and even larger appliances on the go.

Where Can Folding Solar Panels Be Used

How Do Foldable Solar Panels Work?

Foldable solar panels convert sunlight into electrical energy using photovoltaic cells. These high-efficiency cells capture solar radiation and convert it into direct current (DC). An inverter can then convert this DC into alternating current (AC) used to power electronic devices, or it can be used directly from USB ports integrated into the panel. The ability to adjust the panel’s angle maximizes exposure to sunlight, enhancing energy capture and overall efficiency.

How Do Foldable Solar Panels Work

Are Foldable Solar Panels Worth Buying?

SGF and LVP are a worthwhile investment for those looking to maintain energy independence in remote locations or reduce their environmental impact. Their high energy conversion rates make them both a practical and eco-friendly choice, offering significant savings on electricity in the long run and decreasing reliance on fossil fuels. The added convenience of portable, renewable power supports a sustainable lifestyle, especially for outdoor activities.

Are Foldable Solar Panels Worth Buying

How Long the Warranty Comes with Foldable Solar Panels?

Both the LVP and SGF series come with a reassuring warranty that underscores their quality and durability. LVP comes with a 1-year warranty and SGF comes with a 10-year warranty. customer satisfaction and product excellence makes the LVP and SGF series a wise choice for anyone looking to invest in sustainable and efficient solar power solutions.


How Long the Warranty Comes with Foldable Solar Panels


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