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About Sungold

Established in 2008, SHENZHEN SUNGOLD SOLAR CO., LTD is renowned for its innovative off-grid solar energy solutions.SUNGOLD As the company’s brand, Is a solar panel manufacturer Tm and solar supplier that seamlessly integrates research, development, production, salesand service. As a leading Solar Supply Inc, We specialize in solar panels for sale , including flexible / portable and rigid solar panels.Sungold Solar consistently pioneers the development of high-performance solar panel products that are capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions.

Our solar panel supply  solutions are particularly popular in the professional yachting industry and for extreme off-grid environments. We have also spearheaded the development of flexible solar panels that are suitable for outdoor camping and can be integrated with portable power stations and other outdoor equipment to provide users with the ultimate outdoor experience.

Powering Technology for Your Outdoor Adventures

Sungold solar’s technology can power a wide range of outdoor adventures, offering users portable solar panels that can adapt to various environments. Our flexible solar panels are renowned for their exceptional efficiency, providing reliable energy for outdoor activities. With their superior design, build quality, and high UV resistance, the TF series of flexible solar panels boasts a long service life. Whether you’re in the yacht, ship, RV, mobile, or off-grid industry, Sungold’s technology can provide you with the energy you need to power your outdoor adventures.

Sungold solar supply inc

Thanks to our world-record high-efficiency solar cell, the Sungold flexible solar panel boasts the highest unit area module efficiency available. Our A+ grade monocrystalline cells are currently the best and most efficient solar cells on the market. Our flexible solar panels use high-quality 166 monocrystalline solar cells with a cell efficiency of up to 23.7%, making them capable of providing a reliable energy supply. Independent testing confirms that our solar cells are among the most efficient available.

To complement these high-performance cells, we have developed the Ray Surface, which uses extremely durable materials. Its non-slip profile allows more light to be transmitted than ordinary glass, resulting in higher yields. Additionally, the solar cell captures more light at low sun angles, providing sufficient power support for outdoor equipment.


99% of customers find our products good value for money and would recommend SUNGOLD to a friend.

The voice of the brand customer

Sungold’s flexible solar panels boast the use of the world’s first patented material for enhanced durability, as well as A+ grade mono cells for superior power output. These products also feature industrial-grade PV materials, with the Hi-Power series, HP-B series, and TF series solar panels earning the IEC TS63163 certificate for the first time. Such technological advancements make Sungold solar panels highly desirable among brand customers.

Moreover, the fire protection technology employed in these flexible solar panels is another standout feature. A unique surface fireproof material with flame retardant effects ensures that these solar panels have a high melting point of 200°C, significantly increasing their service life.

Combined, these impressive technologies allow Sungold solar panels to perform exceptionally well in various practical tests. Our professional solar panels boast unique designs and high-efficiency production capabilities, resulting in outdoor portable flexible solar panels that are ideal for demanding users.


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