SOLAR solutions

Unplug and turn off the grid, and Charge your battery anytime, anywhere. Sungold solar panel solution lets more people feel the warmth of the sun. Off-grid solar photovoltaic power generation systems are all rigid requirements, mainly to solve users’ needs for lighting, mobile phone charging, etc. As a renewable energy source, off grid solar power is sustainable and does not pollute the environment.

Applicable environment:

  • Nomadic mobile housing
  • Outdoor camping

The best solar panels rv solution is the Sungold Solar flexible solar panel. Sungold flexible solar panels have a unique design that makes it easy to install them at any angle and conform to the shape of your vehicle without fear of breaking. This is the perfect solar panel solution for those who want solar power but don’t have the space to install it.

Applicable environment:

  • Outdoor camping
  • Outdoor adventure

A marine solar panel solution is an integrated solar energy system. The marine solar solution to charge your battery anytime, anywhere. Provides AC and DC power, and the more direct sunlight is, the more energy a solar panel can generate. The waterproof solar panels for boats can be installed on all types of boats to keep the boat powered and enjoy longer in the water.

Applicable equipment:

  • Speedboats
  • Jet Skis
  • Houseboats


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