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Off-Grid Solar Solutions

Unplug and turn off the grid,

Unplug and turn off the grid,Charge your battery anytime, anywhere sungold lets more people feel the warmth of the sun.

Off-grid solar photovoltaic power generation systems are all rigid requirements, and users rely heavily on electricity demand. According to the different needs of customers, SUNGOLD provides different solutions to increase power generation and reduce system costs on the premise of meeting customer needs.

4 Benefits of Off-Grid Solar

Avoid power outages: 

Power outages can be stressful and inconvenient, however, with an off-grid solar system, you can have backup energy storage even in the most remote rural areas.

Reduce electricity costs:  

Since solar energy is generated for free, it means no longer tied to the national grid. As a result you are basically free of electricity bills!

Gain complete energy independence:  

Get rid of all the taxes that come with the national grid and fossil fuel energy. Allows you to monitor and control how your energy is used

Minimize your carbon footprint:   

Off-grid solar systems use solar power to generate electricity, and as a renewable energy source, it is sustainable and does not produce any harmful toxins.


The main users are from herdsmen and outdoor camping tourists, mainly to solve the needs of lighting, mobile phone charging, etc.; the daily electricity consumption of the system is below 5KWH, and the load power is below 1kW; the user’s demand for electricity is not very urgent, and the product is not very urgent. The appeal is simple and reliable, and the price is cheap. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase flexible solar panel 110W and folding solar panel 2*50W solar cells, and integrate the controller, inverter and battery into one. This method has simple structure, high efficiency, convenient wiring, and low price. TV, small fan no problem.





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