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Wholesale Portable Solar Panels

Sungold portable solar panel is lightweight and efficient, using patented materials and high quality solar cells, portable design with high compatibility, can be used with a variety of portable power stations, providing you with a clean and green power supply. Whether for outdoor camping, RV supply, or as a home backup energy, Sungold portable solar panel is a excellent solar solution.

SPC 90w-225w

SPC series portable solar panels are designed for camping with folding bag design, fresh and simple.

It adopts high efficiency battery cells and high quality ETFE surface material, and the back side adopts nylon cloth sewing process, which is stronger and more durable.SPC series camping solar panel.SPC series has three kinds of battery cells of stacked watt, mono-crystalline, and sunpower, and many powers, the maximum power generation efficiency can be up to 24.40%.

Whether you are RV camping, truck camping, canoe camping, SUV camping, fishing camping, or bike camping, SPC series solar panels for camping can provide you with long-lasting power and stable energy supply.

Winner bag 100w-200w

Winner Bag Series is an instantly rechargeable portable camping solar panel charger from Sungold, with a sleeker and sturdier handle design to meet your needs for easy portability.

The Winner Bag series of 12v mono-crystalline portable solar panels are available in two power options of 100w and 200w, and according to the output connector there are two choices of A and B models for greater compatibility.

No matter where you go you can use this portable solar panel charging bag to charge your electronic devices, the power generation can meet the computer, cell phone, camera, tablet PC and other electronic devices charging at the same time, is the ideal green power for outdoor camping and hiking activities.










The First Choice for Outdoor Portable Energy

Sungold Solar has created SPC series and Winner Bag series lightweight and portable solar panels for off-grid outdoor applications, enabling users to easily cope with various outdoor applications. With strong compatibility to meet the power needs of small devices, as well as with portable energy storage and solar generators to form a small system, Sungold’s high quality portable solar panels are the centerpiece of sustainable and green outdoor energy solutions.

Supporting You Throughout the Process

When you choose Sungold products, you are also choosing Sungold’s comprehensive service, a partner that supports you at every step of the way. From initial consultation to after-sales support, our team is committed to ensuring that the solar panel manufacturing process is as good as it can be, and that your needs are fully met.

Customized Your Portable Solar Panels

In order to protect the solar panels, nylon material and cloth sewn outsourcing are used, you can see the outsourcing bags, handles, logos, etc. Sungold Solar can provide customized services, customized color patterns and product details according to customer needs.

Power and Voltage Options

When our standard 12V and 24V module configurations or those on the market do not meet your needs, please feel free to contact us. sungold solar’s professional engineering team can customize cell configurations and panel sizes, voltages, and power outputs according to your project needs.

Details Designed to Understand You Better

Sungold Solar’s portable solar panel engineering team provides customers with more choices in wiring and output ports. In addition to common alligator clips, MC4 connecting cables, etc., the Winner Bag series portable solar panels are designed with a charging connector directly in the carrying handle, which reduces the concerns brought by wiring connections.

Discover our lightweight, efficient portable solar panels—perfect for any adventure. Inquire Now for more details and special offers!

Frequently asked questions

Are portable solar panels effective? The same technology that allows homes to run on 100% solar energy is used, albeit in a much more compact design.

The best portable solar panels is Sungold's Hi-Power series 400w portable solar panels, which adopts high-quality monocrystalline cells and high-efficiency shingled process, with a power generation efficiency of up to 22%, and a weight of only 12.6 kg. It is considered the best overall portable 400w solar panel on the market, with waterproof rating of IP68, and it has been certified by IEC63163.

Portable solar panels may qualify for certain types of tax credits, depending on where you live and the type of system you have. In the U.S., solar systems installed on a primary or secondary residence are eligible for a federal tax credit, which is currently 26 percent. However, for systems installed in 2023, this tax credit will drop to 22% and expire beginning in 2024 unless renewed by Congress.

Portable solar panels can be used to power numerous devices, small power solar panels can be used to power cell phones, computers, tablets, LED lights and other low power consumption devices; higher power portable solar panels can even meet the power load of some household appliances such as TVs, refrigerators, fans, and microwave ovens, which is ideal for use as a family emergency power supply or for outdoor off-grid living such as RV campers, road trips, and camping.

Of course, basically all portable solar panels on the market can get wet as the waterproof design on the surface, like the Sungold solar panel waterproof rating up to IP68 you can even sink it into the water. However, note that due to the different designs of portable solar panels, they may not be waterproof as a whole, so try to place them in a dry place in order to ensure the efficiency and service life of the solar panels.

Portable solar panels have a service life of 10 to 25 years, and with the upgrading of manufacturing technology, the service life of portable solar panels is being extended.

Yes, portable solar panels are convenient for outdoor activities, reduce reliance on generators, lower carbon footprints, and provide backup power during emergencies.

A 400-watt panel can power a mini-fridge, LED lights, laptop, small TV, and charge smartphones. It produces about 1.6 kWh per day.

 A 200-watt panel can power LED lights, a laptop, small fan, and charge mobile devices. It produces about 0.8 kWh per day.

 A 100-watt solar panel can generate around 0.4 kWh per day in ideal conditions. This power output is adequate for charging smartphones, tablets, and other small electronics. It can also power LED lights, a small fan, and maintain the charge of a small battery. While not sufficient for larger appliances, it is excellent for basic needs in portable and off-grid setups.

Portable Solar Panels - Solar Energy Anywhere

Go Power With You Everywhere

Go Power With You Everywhere

Sungold portable solar panel features a lightweight and portable design with a durable nylon carrying bag in addition to the carrying handle design, making it easier to store and carry. Storage protects the solar panel when idle, and it fits more compactly into a car or caravan to take up less space. Compact and lightweight design, easy to carry to the camper and then install it easily. Able to provide you with power support anytime and anywhere.

Extensive Compatibility

Sungold portable solar panels utilize industry-standard solar connectors that are compatible with commercially available solar generators, portable power stations, and energy storage. Whether you want to connect your solar panels in parallel or series or link them to other third-party power generators, Sungold portable solar panels and the wiring that accompanies them will meet your needs.

Extensive Compatibility
Efficient Charging Experience

Efficient Charging Experience

Sungold portable solar panels are made from high-efficiency solar cells that convert sunlight into electricity to power your electronic devices in an off-grid environment or as a reserve power source in case of emergency. Low-power portable solar panels are capable of charging smartphones, laptops, rechargeable power supplies, and more, while Winner Bag Series solar panels are capable of meeting the power needs of basic household appliances for off-grid living.

Durability and Trusted Quality

Sungold portable solar panels are engineered for exceptional durability and trusted quality. Constructed with premium materials and subjected to rigorous testing, they withstand extreme weather conditions and harsh environments. These panels ensure consistent, reliable performance and long-lasting service, making them an ideal choice for outdoor adventures, off-grid living, and challenging applications.

Durability and Trusted Quality
portable solar panels for RV

Widest Selection of Portable Solar Panels

Sungold provides the widest and largest selection of portable solar panel kits on the market. Besides SPC and Winner Bag, we have other 4 series to choose from: Hi Power,  BXF, LVP, and SGF, with a wide range of appearances, power, solar cells,  and performance to choose from, Sungold Solar supports OEM&ODM customization services, you can find the best portable solar panels in Sungold!

Are Portable Solar Panels Worth It?

Sungold portable solar panels is versatile, lightweight and easy to move wherever you go, it can absorb the sunlight to provide you with sufficient power. Portable solar panels are ideal for off-grid applications such as outdoor camping, road trips, RV trips, and emergency backup power, and can also be used for grid-connected applications such as powering a home when paired with solar components such as batteries and micro inverters. Flexibility, portability, convenience, low installation and maintenance costs, and the ability to reduce electricity bills make portable solar panels a reliable investment


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