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Wholesale Portable Solar Panels

Sungold portable solar panel is lightweight and efficient, using patented materials and high quality solar cells, portable design with high compatibility, can be used with a variety of portable power stations, providing you with a clean and green power supply. Whether for outdoor camping, RV supply, or as a home backup energy, Sungold portable solar panel is a excellent solar solution.

Hi-Power Series is Sungold’s high power portable solar panels for camping and RV, with folding and portable design, it is light and easy to carry and store. With IP68 waterproof rating, Hi-Power Series is the first solar panel series in the world to be certified by IEC63163. Hi-Power Series has three types of batteries: stacked watt, monocrystalline, and sunpower, and many high-power choices from 220w~440w, with the highest power generation efficiency of 22%, and among which, the HP-D 400w solar panel is regarded as the best portable solar panel. The HP-D 400w solar panel is considered to be the best portable solar panel. With portable design, high efficiency and strong compatibility, HP-D 400w solar panel is the best choice for portable power station.

HP 100w-440w

SPC series portable solar panels are designed for camping with folding bag design, fresh and simple. It adopts high efficiency battery cells and high quality ETFE surface material, and the back side adopts nylon cloth sewing process, which is stronger and more durable.SPC series camping solar panel.SPC series has three kinds of battery cells of stacked watt, mono-crystalline, and sunpower, and many powers, the maximum power generation efficiency can be up to 24.40%.SPC series solar panel for camping SPC series camping solar panels are designed with 12V output, which can perfectly support the charging of batteries, lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. Whether you are RV camping, truck camping, canoe camping, SUV camping, fishing camping, or bike camping, SPC series solar panels for camping can provide you with long-lasting power and stable energy supply.

SPC 90w-225w

Winner Bag Series is an instantly rechargeable portable camping solar panel charger from Sungold, with a sleeker and sturdier handle design to meet your needs for easy portability.The Winner Bag series of 12v mono-crystalline portable solar panels are available in two power options of 100w and 200w, and according to the output connector there are two choices of A and B models for greater compatibility. No matter where you go you can use this portable solar panel charging bag to charge your electronic devices, the power generation can meet the computer, cell phone, camera, tablet PC and other electronic devices charging at the same time, is the ideal green power for outdoor camping and hiking activities.

Winner bag 100w-200w

Sungold BXF series is lightweight and portable, foldable design can be hung or supported on the ground, the best portable solar chargers for outdoor adventure and road trips. With one-piece lamination process, it is less likely to have hidden cracks in the battery cells, more durable and better impact resistance. Waterproof to IP67, splash-proof and waterproof surface design for more durability.BXF series portable solar panels have a wide range of power options from 14W~200W, which provides more choices for outdoor camping enthusiasts and solar panels matching possibilities.

BXF 14w-200w

The LVP series of portable solar panels are based on advanced material technology, utilizing ETFE surfacing to ensure superior corrosion and aging resistance. At the same time, the lightweight design features a glass-less structure and aluminum alloy frame, which significantly reduces weight while maintaining structural integrity.The LVP series monocrystalline suitcase solar panels are available in 130w, 180w, and 270w power options, and the foldable design enhances portability, with handles made of anti-aging materials, making the LVP series a highly efficient solar solution that is easy to carry around.

LVP 130w-270w

SGF series portable solar panels are a combination of convenience and durability. Designed with a handle specifically designed for RV carrying, users can effortlessly carry it to different locations to utilize solar energy anytime, anywhere. Waterproof panels with silicone seals ensure protection from water and harsh weather conditions.SGF series solar car battery charger has been rigorously tested to ensure its stability and reliability, rugged construction and long service life. With power options ranging from 130W~300W, you can choose flexibly according to your power needs.Combining portability, weather resistance and durability, the SGF series is a reliable choice for users looking for an efficient and durable solar energy solution.

SGF 130w-300w

Are Portable Solar Panels Worth It?

Sungold portable solar panels is versatile, lightweight and easy to move wherever you go, it can absorb the sunlight to provide you with sufficient power. Portable solar panels are ideal for off-grid applications such as outdoor camping, road trips, RV trips, and emergency backup power, and can also be used for grid-connected applications such as powering a home when paired with solar components such as batteries and micro inverters. Flexibility, portability, convenience, low installation and maintenance costs, and the ability to reduce electricity bills make portable solar panels a reliable investment

Portable Solar Panels - Solar Energy Anywhere

Go Power With You Everywhere

Go Power With You Everywhere

Sungold portable solar panel features a lightweight and portable design with a durable nylon carrying bag in addition to the carrying handle design, making it easier to store and carry. Storage protects the solar panel when idle, and it fits more compactly into a car or caravan to take up less space. Compact and lightweight design, easy to carry to the camper and then install it easily. Able to provide you with power support anytime and anywhere.

Extensive Compatibility

Sungold portable solar panels utilize industry-standard solar connectors that are compatible with commercially available solar generators, portable power stations, and energy storage. Whether you want to connect your solar panels in parallel or series or link them to other third-party power generators, Sungold portable solar panels and the wiring that accompanies them will meet your needs.

Extensive Compatibility
Efficient Charging Experience

Efficient Charging Experience

Sungold portable solar panels are made from high-efficiency solar cells that convert sunlight into electricity to power your electronic devices in an off-grid environment or as a reserve power source in case of emergency. Low-power portable solar panels are capable of charging smartphones, laptops, rechargeable power supplies and more, while high-power solar panels are capable of meeting the power needs of basic household appliances for off-grid living.

Durability and Trusted Quality

Sungold portable solar panels are made of ETFE surface material, even in extreme weather or harsh environments, the rugged exterior provides solid protection for the solar cells. In addition, Hi-Power series solar panels have reached the highest waterproof and dust-proof rating of IP68 in the market, which will not affect the normal operation of the solar panels even in humid or dusty environments. Some of the products have obtained IEC63163 consumer photovoltaic products certification, the quality is trustworthy.

Durability and Trusted Quality
portable solar panels for RV

Widest Selection of Portable Solar Panels

Sungold provides the most widest and largest selection of portable solar panel kits on the market, we have a total of 6 series to choose from: Hi Power, SPC, Winner Bag, BXF, LVP, SGF; with a wide range of appearances,power, solar cells, performance to choose from, Sungold Solar supports OEM&ODM customization service, you can definitely find the best portable solar panels in Sungold!

Frequently asked questions

Are portable solar panels effective? The same technology that allows homes to run on 100% solar energy is used, albeit in a much more compact design.

The best portable solar panels is Sungold's Hi-Power series 400w portable solar panels, which adopts high-quality monocrystalline cells and high-efficiency shingled process, with a power generation efficiency of up to 22%, and a weight of only 12.6 kg. It is considered the best overall portable 400w solar panel on the market, with waterproof rating of IP68, and it has been certified by IEC63163.

Portable solar panels may qualify for certain types of tax credits, depending on where you live and the type of system you have. In the U.S., solar systems installed on a primary or secondary residence are eligible for a federal tax credit, which is currently 26 percent. However, for systems installed in 2023, this tax credit will drop to 22% and expire beginning in 2024 unless renewed by Congress.

Portable solar panels can be used to power numerous devices, small power solar panels can be used to power cell phones, computers, tablets, LED lights and other low power consumption devices; higher power portable solar panels can even meet the power load of some household appliances such as TVs, refrigerators, fans, and microwave ovens, which is ideal for use as a family emergency power supply or for outdoor off-grid living such as RV campers, road trips, and camping.

Of course, basically all portable solar panels on the market can get wet as the waterproof design on the surface, like the Sungold solar panel waterproof rating up to IP68 you can even sink it into the water. However, note that due to the different designs of portable solar panels, they may not be waterproof as a whole, so try to place them in a dry place in order to ensure the efficiency and service life of the solar panels.

Portable solar panels have a service life of 10 to 25 years, and with the upgrading of manufacturing technology, the service life of portable solar panels is being extended.


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