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Portable Solar Panels for Power Stations

Portable Solar Panel Kit

Portable solar panel’s rechargeable features at any time, and the easy-to-carry design are fully exploited. You can take advantage of the sun and convert sunlight into clean energy. Then delivery the power to the equipment you need. It is an off-grid stand-alone power station.

Introduction of different series

Portable solar panel is easy to use, easy to carry, and can generate electricity for you anytime, anywhere.


HI Power series

Covered with ETFE material, more durable

ETFE laminated outer film has strong anti-uv and anti-aging, and has good light transmittance, which can prolong the service life of solar panels.

Suitable for large energy storage

HP series solar panels are ideal for outdoor living and are also solar panels designed for large energy storage.

SPC Series

Excellent portability   

The SPC series solar panels use high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells with a conversion efficiency of up to 23%, which is very suitable for outdoor activities.

Adopt new technology, high conversion rate

SPC series solar panels cover monocrystalline silicon solar cells and use multi-layer cell technology to generate energy from sunlight with higher conversion efficiency than other traditional panels.

Winner bag

Winner bag

Equipped with multiple interfaces

The winner bag series solar panels meet a variety of interface requirements, and can charge multiple mobile phones, ipads, tablets, and laptops at the same time.

Eye-catching design, beautiful appearance

The overall design of the winnerbag solar panel is beautiful, foldable and lightweight. The color matching of the handle and the fabric is eye-catching. As long as you have a demand, we can make multiple colors to try.

BXF series

Lightweight and very portable

The BXF series solar panels are light in weight,foldable, waterproof and easy to use.

Very durable and highly waterproof

ETFE laminated outer film has excellent weather resistance, which can greatly extend the service life of solar panels. It has an IP67 waterproof rating, allowing it to be placed in the rain or submerged in water for a short time.



LVP Series

The surface is covered with ETFE material

LVP series solar panels use ETFE as the surface material, which ensures that the product has good anti-corrosion and anti-aging capabilities. It also has good light transmission, which prolongs the life of solar panels.

Lighter design   

The overall design does not use glass, which greatly reduces the weight of the product. It is protected by an aluminum alloy frame and equipped with a handle of anti-aging material, which is foldable and easy to carry.

SGF Series

Rugged, proven product design

SGF series solar panels are all standard solar glass panels designed and manufactured. With carrying handle, very portable. The overall design of the solar glass folding panel is heavy and stable. It is the product series that customers are most familiar with.

IP67 waterproof rating

The connection between the glass panel and the aluminum alloy frame is encapsulated with solar silica gel, which will not let any moisture enter at all. SGF solar glass folding panels have IP67 waterproof rating. You can put the product outdoors for a long time without worrying about any quality problems..


Information About Portable Solar Panel

More tips and technology for portable solar panels can be found in the Sungold Solar article.

Portable power stations with solar panels are considered an essential source of green energy. At Sungold, we allow you to take power with you. We also provide a portable solar panel kit to ensure a continuous flow of electricity at your home or outside your home. This makes portable solar power stations meet the energy requirements of our customers without relying on fossil fuels. Let us look at other advantages of using these solar panels.
  • Lightweight and hence portable
Sungold provides the best portable solar panels to its customers having light in weight. Due to this, you can easily move these panels around and ensure electricity at your place. Available in compact sizes, solar panels can be carried along for enjoying moments on ships and camping trips.
  • Cost-effective and economical
The solar panels provided by Sungold do not require additional maintenance, and hence, these become an economical source of electricity.
  • Green Energy Source
Sungold manufactures portable solar panels that are environmentally friendly, and we focus on reducing the emission of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


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