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Sungold SGD-M2-250 watt solar panel

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SGD-M2-250 Watt Solar Panel

  • Brand: Sungold
  • Cells Efficiency:22.00%
  • Dimensions: 1420 * 890 * 35mm
  • Weight: 13.56kg


Sungold 250 watt solar panel conversion efficiency up to 22%, has a longer lifespan.To prevent solar cells from overheating, our solar panels are equipped with high-performance bypass diodes to minimize power drop due to shading.

In our 250 watt solar panels, each sub-string consists of 36~40 connected cut cells in a way that ensures that there is no distance between cells.This innovative technique maximizes the space for cell array and significantly improves the panel’s efficiency.

Pre-drilled holes on the back of the panel allow for quick installation and fixing, ideal for off-grid applications including RVs, roofs, cabins, yachts, etc.

Product Features

Shingled process

High efficiency

Easy installation


250 watt solar panel kits rv

Shingled process

Shingle process

The 250 watt solar panel shingle process uses the latest  mono solar cells, using a special welding method to connect the cell. The area under the same power output is smaller, the front can be more strongly affected, and it is also one of the latest production processes in the solar industry.

Higher Efficiency

The SGD series 250 watt solar panel uses the latest technology single crystal silicon solar cells, using multi-layer cell technology to make it the highest quality, with a conversion efficiency of up to 22%.

High efficiency


SGD series 250 watt solar panel are the most mature design. The connection between the glass panel and the aluminum frame is encapsulated with solar silica gel, which will not allow any water vapor to enter. SGD series 250 watt solar panel product has IP67 waterproof grade. The whole product will not be affected by rain or water splashing. It can work outdoors for a long time without worrying about any quality problems.

Easy installation

Pre-drilled holes on the back of the solar panel allow rapid mounting and fixing. It is ideal for off-grid applications including RVs, rooftops, cabins, yachts, etc., and suitable for most solar panel fixing brackets on the market.

Easy installation

High power off-grid solution

The 250 watt solar panel have an outstanding 22% power generation efficiency and excellent system compatibility. Seamlessly integrated with a variety of solar inverters, battery storage systems and other solar components, they offer a comprehensive range of options for residential, commercial or community renewable energy generation.

The high compatibility of 250 watt solar panel is suitable for a wide range of applications including RVs, rooftops, cabins and yachts, etc. The biggest advantage of 250w solar panel is their reliability, which significantly reduces the cost of energy while significantly reducing the carbon footprint, making them more environmentally friendly.

High power off-grid solution

250 watt solar panel For Off-Grid Solar System

The Sungold 250w solar panel comes with a 10-year output warranty and a lifespan of up to 25 years. The sturdy design and high efficiency of the module power ensure that the solar panels 250 watts will continue to produce stable power for a long time.

The high power output over a long period of time means that the 250w solar panel has a substantial payback on your investment, continuing to provide you with considerable energy savings and the opportunity to lower your electricity bills while realizing a payback on your principal. Whether for residential environments or commercial projects, the Sungold 250w solar panel is a choice you can count on.

Stable for reliable payback

User-friendly and easy to install

The Sungold 250 watt solar panels have excellent user-friendliness that makes installation very easy. A junction box on the back of the panel and a cable with an MC4 connector make installation easy. Simply plug the cable into the junction box and it is ready for use. In addition to this, pre-drilled holes have been designed to accommodate different applications such as high-end off-grid systems and mobile device applications. These holes are compatible with a wide range of mounting options such as ground brackets, Z-brackets, pole brackets and tilt brackets, ensuring that you can easily install them as needed.

The plug-and-play and user-friendly design of the 250 watt solar panel allows for quick and easy installation in a variety of applications, providing a simple and efficient solar experience.

User-friendly and easy to install


Sungold 250 watt solar panels have a rigid aluminium frame and sleek black cells that allow the panels to stand out from others in it’s market. With its unique cell design and durable build, it can be used in a variety of off-grid solar systems.

Maximum power(Pmax)250W
Open-circuit voltage(Voc)27.6V
Voltage at Pmax(Vmp)23.4V
Short-circuit current(Isc)11.32A
Current at Pmax(Imp)10.69A
Cells efficiency(%)22.00%
The maximum system voltage1000V DC(IEC)
Power temperature coefficient-0.38%/℃
Voltage temperature coefficient-0.36%/℃
Current temperature coefficient0.07%/℃
Output power tolerance±3%
Operating temperature-40~85℃

1420* 890* 35mm

Warranty10 years


A 250 watt solar panel, receiving six hours of sunshine per day, can produce 1.5 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per day. This is a theoretical maximum value, and actual electricity production may vary due to factors such as shading, weather conditions, and panel efficiency.

250 Watt solar panels work perfectly with a wide range of batteries and are ideal for 4WDs, off-road vehicles, caravans, camping trailers and boats.SGD toughened glass coatings and sturdy aluminum frames ensure that our solar panels are able to withstand harsh conditions and extreme weather.

A 250 w solar panel is rated at 250 watts, but the actual output of the panel depends on a number of factors, including geographic location, shading, and the tilt of the panel.

250 w solar panels are a great choice for many solar projects. The average 250 watt solar panel can produce up to 12.5 amps of electricity per hour during peak hours.

The dimensions of the 250w solar panels are 1420mm x 890mm x 35mm. Depending on the manufacturer and design, there may be variations, but this size can be used as a reference to understand this panel size.

In many cases, a 200W solar panel can provide a good amount of power for lighting, charging small devices, and running basic appliances. However, if you plan to use power-hungry appliances like air conditioners, microwaves, or power tools, you might need a larger solar panel array and battery bank.

250-watt solar panels are becoming increasingly popular for things such as powering RVs and camping appliances or battery charging. 250w solar panel can charge for the basic power .

The dimensions of the Sungold 250w solar panel are 1420 * 890 * 35mm. Exact dimensions will vary slightly depending on the manufacturer and the specific design of the panel. Keep in mind that the size of a solar panel is largely dependent on its efficiency and technology, so newer models may have different dimensions but still provide similar power output.

The number of 250-watt solar panels needed to power your home depends on several factors, including your geographic location, energy consumption, and the efficiency of your solar panels. Below is a general guide to estimating the number of solar panels needed:

Calculate your daily electricity consumption in kilowatt hours (kWh). You can find this information on your electric bill or by monitoring your electricity consumption over time.

Determine the average daily sunshine hours for your location. The amount of electricity generated by solar panels depends on the amount of sunlight, which varies by location and season.

Calculate the daily power output of a 250-watt solar panel in your area. Multiply the wattage of the solar panel (250 watts) by the average daily sunshine hours to get the daily power generation in kilowatt-hours.

Divide your daily power consumption (step 1) by the daily output per solar panel (step 3) to find out how many solar panels you need.

250 watt solar panels

Download guide

The SGD series comes in an array of sizes and form factors, with peak power 250 watts , Download our guide to 250 watt solar panels


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