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Solar Solution for RV

SUNGOLD Solar Panel Design

The rv solar systems solution designed by SUNGOLD is perfect for RVs. The flexible solar panels for rv are more flexible, they fit the shape of your car roof and can be glued to the roof without worrying about breaking.

Rigid solar panels are more mature and stable, which can make you use more assured. Solar panels can not only bring power to your RV life, but also make your RV life more environmentally friendly. Solar panels are a must -have product for RV enthusiasts.

3 Benefits of rv solar systems


Invest in your future adventures and produce your own renewable energy that you can take with you wherever you go.

Ecological impact:  

Stop using fuel-burning generators to contribute to harmful air and sound pollution by switching to solar power to power your RV.

Energy independence:  

Enjoy the freedom from crowded campsites and discover your own private campsite in the sun.

Rv Solar Systems Solution Scheme

When deciding on the size of solar panels you need, consider your average daily power consumption: 
There is a sticker on the back of each appliance with the wattage indicated, and then calculate the time you use the appliance every day. You can see your daily power consumption. 

If you own a class C RV,Width (ft):  7 – 8.5      Length (ft):  21 – 35 
As the picture shows, there are the following devices on your RV:

Calculate The Number Of Solar Panels

From the table, the average daily power consumption is 2655Wh.

The average daily electricity produced by your RV solar panels should be equal to or greater than the average daily electricity consumption of your appliances.

Assuming that on a typical day, we can expect 4 hours of sunlight. If you install a 100W solar panel on your RV roof, it would produce about 100W*4 = 400Wh.

Based on your assumptions and calculations, you would need at least seven 100W solar panels to meet the average daily power consumption of 2655Wh for your RV appliances. It’s important to note that this is just an estimate and your actual power consumption may vary based on your usage patterns and weather conditions. Additionally, it’s a good idea to have a battery bank to store excess energy produced by your solar panels for use during periods of low sunlight or at night.

Products Recommended

We recommend LEE series 100 watt flexible solar panel for you. Flexible solar panels are lighter and thinner. It can be installed on the uneven top roof.This flexible panel is about 3.1 ft length and about 1.1 ft width.

You just need to prepare the glass glue, apply glue to the back of the flexible solar panel, and then fix the flexible solar panel to the roof. The installation is very simple.

We also recommend the SGM series of 100 watt rigid solar panel for you. The weight is a little heavier than the flexible panel, but it is more stable.This rigid solar panel is about 3 ft length and about 1.9 ft width.

Then you need to prepare some tools such as some mounting brackets and a power drill. You can buy these tools at a store or seek the help of a professional installer.

After installing the solar panels, you will need to fill some gaps with sealant to protect them from rain.

Next, you can start using solar panels to power your RV.


100w flexible solar panel

LEE SERIES 100W Flexible Solar Panel

Brand: Sungold
Cells Efficiency :22.7%
Dimensions: 950*580*4mm

solar flex panel

TF SERIES 110W Flexible Solar Panel

Brand: Sungold
Cells Efficiency :22.6%
Dimensions: 1080*540*2mm

100 watt solar panel kit

SGM SERIES 100W Rigid Solar Panel

Brand: Sungold
Cells Efficiency :22.7%
Dimensions: 925*590*30mm


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