sungold solar

OUR History

Year 2022
Development 2022

Looking at the past, we will continue to upgrade new patented products, constantly update and iterate, adapt to the ever-changing global market, and provide more diversified products for various marginal applications brought about by the energy crisis to meet customer needs.

Year 2021
Development 2021

Adapt to the rapid development of portable energy storage, maintain high market sensitivity, develop a new generation of portable products suitable for large energy storage, combine with new patented materials, break through the routine, and become the world's first 440w lighter portable components. The company focuses on talent training , introduced a large number of high-tech talents to continue development in the photovoltaic field, with sales exceeding 200 million.

Year 2020
Development 2020

Following the R&D ideas of marginal materials and marginal applications, a new generation of patented materials will be developed to enable flexible solar modules with a 5-year warranty. The company will add large-scale equipment and factories, and develop new regulations for lean production, with sales exceeding 120 million.

Year 2019
Development: 2019

2 invention patents and 14 appearance patents were obtained.

Set up professional photovoltaic laboratory and introduce advanced equipment.

Year 2018
Development: 2018

Development of 2 new products; products sales by leaps and bounds; the factory expanded to four floors.

Year 2017
Leap: 2017

Developed 12 new products.

Obtained 11 utility model patents and 2 appearance patents.

Year 2016
Qualitative change: 2016

Establish R&D Department, and register domestic and foreign Sungold brand, build the company's ISO quality management system.

Year 2015
Innovation: 2015

It has obtain 9 new patent certificates, and continue to develop application of solar products.

Year 2013-2014
Leapfrog growth: 2013-2014

In 2013, Sungold obtained the national high-tech enterprise certificate.

Plant expanded from 1 floor to 3 floors in 2014.

Year 2012
Growth: 2012

Established International Sales Department.

Began to explore the North American market and European market.

Year 2011
Crossing: 2011

Start designing new products, folding solar panels online

Year 2010
Enterprising: 2010

Start production of non-standard solar cell modules.

Working with India's largest listed company.

Year 2010
Development: 2009

Establish quality system with Hong Kong listed companies.

Participated in exhibitions in Dubai, USA and Australia.

September 28 2008
Created: 2008

Shenzhen Sungold Solar Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008 and has 13 employees.