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OUR History

Year 2022
Stability 2022

Sungold will continue to upgrade new patented products, constantly updating and iterating to adapt to the ever-changing global market. To respond to the energy crisis thus providing more diverse PV grid-connected products to meet customer needs. Sungold also provides you with solar application solutions.

Year 2021
Development 2021

Adapt to the rapid development of portable power stations, maintain high market sensitivity, and develop a new generation of portable products suitable for high-power portable power stations. Combining new patented materials and breaking through the routine to manufacture the world's first 440W lightweight portable solar panel.The company focuses on talent training and introduces a large number of high-tech talents to continue its development in the field of photovoltaics.

Year 2020
Qualitative Change 2020

Follow the R&D idea of marginal materials and marginal applications, develop a new generation of patented materials, and realize a 5-year warranty for flexible solar modules. Add large equipment, supporting lean production concept, and production value surge.

Year 2019
Maturity 2019

Obtain 2 invention patents and 14 appearance patents. Establish a professional PV tab and introduce advanced equipment. Product quality is fundamentally guaranteed.

Year 2018
Leap 2018

Invest in lightweight modules and break through the bottleneck that monocrystalline solar cells are difficult to be applied in flexible solar modules. Product sales surged. Factory are expanded to four floors.

Year 2017
2017 Persistence

12 new products were developed, and 11 utility patents and 2 appearance patents were obtained. It further increased the company’s achievements in product innovation. We have accumulated valuable experience in product development, which has made a good pavement for the next step of R&D and design.

Year 2016
2016 Crossover

The R&D team was expanded to deepen the technology of lightweight solar modules and portable modules to explore new application areas. Off-grid PV modules that meet the needs of caravan, marine and outdoor scenarios have gained an excellent reputation.

Year 2015
2015 Vitality

In the same year, we received nine new patent certificates and continued to develop high-efficiency solar module products for various applications.

Year 2013-2014
2014 Growth

Sungold factory expanded and opened the way for the construction of automated equipment. While the output value efficiency is improved, it greatly meets the needs of customers. The company is growing rapidly.

Year 2013
2013 Persistence

Sungold received the national high-tech enterprise certificate for the first time, laying the foundation for a company system that integrates technology, production,sales, and service.

Year 2012
2012 Growth

The international sales team was expanded to explore the North American market and the European market. Since then, a range of customized design solutions have been provided to established a sales network of complementary application products for the off-grid PV market.

Year 2011
2011 Expansion

R&D and design of new products- a glass folding solar panel, the first generation of portable products. It solves the problem that conventional glass solar panels cannot be carried conveniently , greatly expanding the outdoor field and opening a new chapter in the European market.

Year 2009
2009 Development

Introduced the quality management system of a Hong Kong-listed company. Participated in various international PV solar exhibitions.

September 28 2008
2008 Established

Shenzhen Sungold Solar Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008 and has 13 employees.