SGF Series waterproof solar panel

The SGF Series waterproof solar panel are a reliable and durable option for solar energy.

Solar Panel - SGF Series

The SGF Series waterproof solar panel are also designed with standard solar glass panels, which provide high performance and reliability.

Easy to use 2

Easy to use

Waterproof solar panels




High efficiency

High effciency

Product Description

Sungold SGF series waterproof solar panel consist of two monocrystalline panels of the same wattage to provide more space to absorb sunlight. The foldable design allows it to fold like a suitcase for easier storage and transport. It can meet basic electricity needs and is perfect for camping, RVs, yachts, etc.



The SGF glass folding solar panel has IP67 waterproof grade, and the whole productwill not be affected by rain or water splashing when it is working.


SGF glass folding solar panels use the most mature product design, which has been tested by the environment for a long time, and is themost stable design.

Easy to use

The product is designed to be very easy to use, with 2 brackets on the back, which can be opened and used. It can be placed firmly on any floor. 

High effciency

SGF glass folding solar panels use the latest technology mono silicon solar cells, and the efficiency of the cells reaches about 22.7%. The multi-layer cell technology is used to make it the highest quality and the conversion efficiency is much higher than other products.

portable folding solar panel

Product Specifications

Product SGF3 130W SGF3 180W SGF3 200W SGF3 240W SGF3 270W SGF3 300W
Maximum Power/Pmax(Wp)130W180W200W240W270W300W
Folding Number2pcs2pcs2pcs2pcs2pcs2pcs
Cell Efficiency>22.7%>22.7%>22.7%>22.7%>22.7%>22.7%
Number of cells2*3*122*3*122*3*142*3*112*4*92*4*10
Operating Voltage/Vmp(V)20.50 20.50 23.90 18.80 20.50 22.80
Operating Current/Imp(A)6.35 8.79 8.37 12.77 13.18 13.16
Open Circuit Voltage/Voc(V)24.00 24.00 28.00 22.00 24.00 26.70
Short Circuit Current/Isc(A)6.66 9.22 8.79 13.40 13.83 13.82
Folded Size(mm)615*590*30mm800*590*35mm925*590*35mm1070*590*35mm885*770*35mm980*770*35mm
Expand Size(mm)1183*615*30mm1183*800*35mm1183*925*35mm1183*1070*35mm1543*885*35mm1543*980*35mm
Solar cells182 mono cell182 mono cell182 mono cell182 mono cell182 mono cell182 mono cell
Weight(kg)0.96 1.65 2.44 3.21 3.48 3.92
The maximum system voltage100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)
Warranty10 years10 years10 years10 years10 years10 years


The waterproof solar panel is great for charging 12V battery, such as the battery in car and motorhome, caravan, and camp and any other equipment with a 12V battery or battery bank.


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