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SGF Series solar Car Battery Charger

Sungold solar car battery charger with high efficiency, portability, compatibility provides the optimal solution for portable solar power

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Solar car battery charger - SGF Series

Sungold SGF series solar car battery charger utilizes a standard solar glass panel folding design for simple, lightweight installation, high performance and high reliability.

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Foldable & Lightweight

Mature Production Technology

Mature Production Technology

Optimal efficiency

Optimal efficiency

Optimal efficiency

Optimal efficiency

Product Description

Sungold SGF solar charger for a car battery is equipped with two monocrystalline panels, each boasting the same wattage. Its clever foldable design allows the charger to conveniently collapse into a compact suitcase shape, facilitating easy storage and transport. Ideal for various outdoor activities such as camping, RV trips, and yachting, this solar charger satisfies basic electricity requirements, offering a versatile and portable solution for renewable power on the go.

Mature Technology Guarant

Mature Technology Guarantee

SGF series solar car battery charger adopts highly mature product design, which is the result of long-term extensive testing and validation under various environmental conditions, ensuring the reliability and compatibility of product performance, and providing a reliable and stable solution for users’ energy needs.

Weatherproof Solar Panel

The SGF solar charger for a car battery glass folding solar panel stands out with its formidable IP67 waterproof rating, guaranteeing robust protection against not only rain but also water splashes when in operation.

Weatherproof Solar Panel
User-friendly Design

User-friendly Design

Solar charger for a car battery has been carefully designed to be easy to use. It has two easy-to-install brackets on the back that allow for quick and easy installation, thus simplifying the user experience. These brackets can be easily opened, simplifying the installation process. In addition, the versatile design of this charger ensures safe and stable placement on any type of flooring, allowing users to charge car battery with solar.

Superior Efficiency

SGF series solar charger for a car battery achieves superior efficiency by utilizing state-of-the-art monocrystalline silicon solar cells. Utilizing the latest advanced technology, these cells can achieve an impressive efficiency of approximately 22.7%. Enhancing the overall quality of the solar panels ensures superior and reliable performance, making them the first choice for car owners looking for an efficient solar charging solution.

Superior Efficiency

Product Specifications

Product SGF3 130W SGF3 180W SGF3 200W SGF3 240W SGF3 270W SGF3 300W
Maximum Power/Pmax(Wp)130W180W200W240W270W300W
Folding Number2pcs2pcs2pcs2pcs2pcs2pcs
Cell Efficiency>22.7%>22.7%>22.7%>22.7%>22.7%>22.7%
Number of cells2*3*122*3*122*3*142*3*112*4*92*4*10
Operating Voltage/Vmp(V)20.920.924.419.120.923.2
Operating Current/Imp(A)6.358.798.3712.7713.1813.16
Open Circuit Voltage/Voc(V)24.524.528.522.324. 527.1
Short Circuit Current/Isc(A)6.789.048.6113.4013.5613.58
Folded Size(mm)625*590*30mm815*590*35mm945*590*35mm1090*590*35mm900*770*35mm1000*770*35mm
Expand Size(mm)1183*625*30mm1183*815*35mm1183*945*35mm1183*1090*35mm1543*900*35mm1543*1000*35mm
Solar cells182 mono cell182 mono cell182 mono cell182 mono cell182 mono cell182 mono cell
The maximum system voltage100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)
Warranty10 years10 years10 years10 years10 years10 years


The solar car battery charger is designed for efficient 12V battery charging, catering to vehicles like trailers, campers, caravans, refrigerated trucks, food transporters, trucks and various 12V-equipped equipment. Its compact, foldable design ensures portability for on-the-go activities such as camping. Engineered with advanced mono silicon solar cells, the charger optimizes energy conversion, providing a reliable and eco-friendly solution for maintaining and replenishing power wherever you go.





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Yes, solar car battery chargers can work well to keep your battery topped up with a steady supply of free and environmentally friendly energy. However, they are not meant to revive a bad battery or provide a fast charge. They work best in sunny conditions and for vehicles that are not used often or only for short journeys.

Yes, you can charge a car battery with solar panels as long as they have the right voltage and current output to match your battery. You will also need a charge controller to regulate the power and prevent overcharging or draining.

The size of the solar charger you need depends on the capacity and state of your car battery, as well as the amount of sunlight you get. A general rule of thumb is to divide the battery’s amp-hour rating by the charger’s amp output to get the approximate charging time. For example, if your battery has a 50 amp-hour rating and your charger has a 5 amp output, it will take about 10 hours to fully charge the battery in ideal conditions. You may want to choose a larger charger if you live in a cloudy area or want a faster charge.

Yes, some solar panels can charge a car battery through the cigarette lighter socket, but only if the socket is live when the ignition is off. Otherwise, you will need to connect the solar panel directly to the battery terminals or use another permanent live feed in the car.

Yes, you can charge a 12V car battery with a solar panel that has a 12V output. However, you will need a charge controller to prevent overcharging or draining the battery. You will also need to make sure the solar panel has enough wattage to provide a sufficient charge. A typical 12V car battery needs about 10 watts of solar power to maintain its charge.


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