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Winner Bag series is a plug and play solar panel portable charger for camping.

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Camping Solar Panels- Winner Bag Series

The Winner Bag series camping solar panels, featuring a cutting-edge polymer material, deliver enhanced impact resistance and extended battery life, making them the ultimate portable solar charger for outdoor enthusiasts.

High conversion rate

High Conversion Efficiency

Weather Resistance

Weather Resistance


Lightweight & Portable

Rich interface

Multi Outport

Product Description

The Sungold Winner Bag series camping solar panels feature enhanced impact resistance and worry-free portable power, perfect for campers. With a stylish and robust handle design, they offer easy carrying, while the customizable output interface meets your specific energy needs on the go.

Portable & Lightweight

Winner Bag series best portable solar chargers is lightweight and foldable. And comes with an easy-to-carry handle to make it even more portable.The handle is designed with special ports for easy connection and use. It can reduce the weight of the entire solar charger.

Durable & Waterproof

This camping solar panels adopt new polymer materials, it has stronger impact resistance, lighter weight, good crack resistance and longer battery life.Canvas material is durable and suitable for outdoor camping and off-grid adventures, never worry for damage.

High Efficiency

Sungold portable solar panels for camping Winner Bag series use the latest technology of monocrystalline silicon solar cells, the application of multi-layer cell technology to make it the highest quality, conversion efficiency as high as 23%. In just a few seconds, it can generate energy from sunlight,it’s a great option for camping solar panel portable charger.

ETFE Surface

The ETFE surface material gives camping solar panels excellent weather, aging, fire and salt spray resistance, improving durability and longevity in outdoor environments. Its excellent performance enables the solar panel portable charger to operate stably in all kinds of harsh weather conditions, providing reliability and safety for outdoor energy solutions.

Product Specifications

The Winner Bag has a simple appearance, with 2 different carry handle designs and 2 power options of 100w and 200w according to the user’s needs. Can charge multiple devices at the same time is the best solar panels for a camper.

Product SGWB2 TF D 2x50W A SGWB2 TF D 2x50W B SGWB2 TF D 4x50W A SGWB2 TF D 4x50W B
Folding Number2pcs2pcs4pcs4pcs
Maximum power(Pmax)100W100W200W200W
Max Power Voltage19.4V19.4V19.4V19.4V
Max Power Current5.16A5.16A10.31A10.31A
Open Circuit Voltage22.9V22.9V22.9V22.9V
Short Circuit Current5.46A5.46A10.93A10.93A
Cell typeShingled cell 210Shingled cell 210Shingled cell 210Shingled cell 210
Outlet/AccessoriesUSB A*2: Port 1: 18W 12V 1.5A Port 2: 10W 5V 2A, PD USB C 60W, 20V 3A 0.13M cable + Anderson connector; 3M cable Anderson To Anderson;Embed Anderson connector + 3M adaptive cable Anderson to AndersonUSB A*2: Port 1: 18W 12V 1.5A Port 2: 10W 5V 2A, PD USB C 60W, 20V 3A 0.13M cable + Anderson connector; 3M cable Anderson To Anderson;Embed Anderson connector + 3M adaptive cable Anderson to Anderson
Expand Size1100*615*16mm1100*615*20mm2040*615*16mm2040*615*20mm
Folded Size615*550*32mm615*550*36mm615*550*32mm615*550*36mm
The maximum system voltage100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)
Warranty1 year1 year1 year1 year


Sungold 12v solar panel & best portable solar chargers Winner Bag series is designed with multiple charging ports, plug-and-play, which can directly charge your various electronic devices at the same time when you use it outdoors. Whether you are camping, hiking, RV, biking, trekking, or just using the portable power station as a home power reserve, it is very convenient and fast.

Primitive Camping



Leisurely play




Some frequently asked questions and answers about camping solar panels that can help you better understand Sungold Solar and the winner bag serier line of camping solar panels.

Sure, solar panel portable charger can charge small electronic devices in outdoor applications such as camping, RV, hiking marine, etc.

Yes, solar panel portable charger can charge a power bank, Sungold solar panel with a power bank is the best combination.

It is the Sungold Winner Bag Series, with high compatibility and high portability, and the best portable solar panel for camping.

Yes, you can charge a phone with a portable solar panel, because there is a type C port on the handle of the Sungold Winner Bag series.

Sure, solar power packs and portable solar panel charger is usually matched with small devices and it’s very convenient to charge devices.


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