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One world, One home, Blue Skies

Millions of professionals worldwide rely on sungold solar applications. Lightweight, flexible, and portable solar panels, in particular, are popular among business owners, entrepreneurs, and specialists in a variety of industries, including portable power stations, marine, and RV. Despite their diverse job positions, they all share a common belief: “One world, one home, blue skies”.

Sungold Culture

Our Mission:  Let Solar Warming Everywhere

Our Vision:   To be the world’s leading off-grid solar brand

Our Values:   Customer First, Open Innovation

Our Belief:One world, One home, Blue Skies

SUNGOLD: Leading Off Grid Solar with Responsibility

Over the years, Sungold has been actively participating in public welfare, practicing social responsibility and fulfilling environmental responsibility. Under the support of the corporate culture of “One Earth, One Home””, Sungold takes “gratitude, development, growth, professionalism and focus” as its corporate spirit, and comprehensively promotes the shaping and promotion of the company culture. It aims to make every Sungold employee feel dreams and happiness, so that every Sungold employee can look into the distance and the future! Let everyone in the world feel the warmth of solar energy. SUNGOLD, achieving the NO.1 off-grid solar product. This is the goal and expectation of every SUNGOLD employee


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