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Marine Solar Panels solutions

Off the Grid Marine Solar Panels Solutions

Marine Solar Panels Solutions to charge your battery anytime, anywhere Provides AC and DC power and can be installed on all types of boats.

For more time at sea, consider a SUNGOLD solar kit! SUNGOLD offers various solar panel kits for various marine vehicles such as speedboats, jet skis, houseboats and pontoons. Easy to use and easy to install, these pre-selected kits range from 70W to 100W as a space saving battery maintenance solution considering marine space requirements. Stay motivated and enjoy longer in the water!

How Marine Solar Works

A Marine Solar Panels Solutions is an integrated solar energy system that includes a marine computer, battery charger, batteries, marine grade solar panels and interfaces to other equipment and sensors. Each solution can be designed and scaled to accommodate a variety of vessels, including passenger ships, cruise ships, tankers, bulk ore carriers and offshore support vessels.

The solar panels on the boat work in the same way as the solar panels on the roof. The panels are made of treated silicon crystals, and when sunlight hits them, some of the electrons in the crystals start to move, creating an electrical current.

The solar flexible panel connects to and powers the boat’s battery and is used to power your boat. The battery can store any energy that isn’t being used then and there, so you can still use solar power in the dark. The more direct sunlight is, the more energy a solar panel can generate. So your panels could potentially generate more electricity in the Mediterranean than on the coast of Norway. You should buy professional marine solar panels for your boat as they are designed to be waterproof and to withstand the conditions at sea.


Provide endless fun in the sun, save electricity and protect the environment.

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Get Free Electricity

The electricity they produce is free. Sunlight is free, so once you pay for and install the panels, there's no cost for them to run

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Easy To Use

Better than simple - the panels work automatically in daylight so you don't have to do anything.



Solar panels do not pollute, contribute to global warming, and do not consume natural resources.


The main users are herdsmen and outdoor camping tourists, mainly to solve the needs of lighting, mobile phone charging, 

Passenger ships

Cruise ships


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Marine Solar Panels is an excellent source of electricity for cruise sailing or power boats (or camping cars, boat houses or RVs). SUNGOLD has developed a variety of methods to easily install the marine solar system with economical efficiency.


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