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portable solar panels for rv

Sungold portable solar panels for RV bring convenient solar power to your outdoor journey. Tailored for RV use, RV solar panels kits offer a lightweight and easily transportable solution for harnessing solar power. Whether you’re parked in different locations or on the move, the flexibility of portable RV solar panels allows you to effortlessly charge your RV.

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Weatherproof & Flexible Installation

Weatherproof & Flexible Installation

Portable solar panels for RVs are designed to be weatherproof, allowing them to withstand various environmental conditions. Foldable design enables easy installation and removal at any time.

Unrestricted by RV Layout

Unlike fixed solar panels on the caravan roof, portable solar panels can be placed separately in sunny areas, irrespective of the caravan’s positioning. 

How many solar panels are needed to run an RV?
Simplified Wiring and Versatility

Simplified Wiring and Versatility

Minimal wiring simplify the installation of RV solar systems. More suitable and efficient for charging RV batteries, generators, and portable power stations etc., without complicated installation.

More Convenient Device Charging

Portable solar panels meet the charging needs of small electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, LED lights, cameras, etc., ensuring essential communication and fulfilling basic power requirements during road trips and off-grid living.


How Do Portable Solar Panels Work in An RV?


The RV solar panel kit can flexibly adjust the angle to fully absorb the sunlight, with the portable power station can quickly set up the RV solar power supply system, meet the RV's electricity needs at any time, inject sustainable power for the RV, and can be used as an emergency power supply.


RV solar panels kits work with RV batteries to efficiently charge the batteries when on the move or at rest. The dynamic combination ensures a continuous supply of power to the caravan, providing a seamless, sustainable energy solution for your mobile lifestyle.


Lithium batteries combined with portable solar panels for RV optimize the charging process for longer lasting, more efficient energy storage. Lithium batteries can effectively utilize solar energy to provide reliable, environmentally friendly power for extended periods of time.


Working with a solar generator, RV portable solar panels quickly capture sunlight to charge the generator's storage batteries. This fast and reliable energy replenishment system for the RV, ensuring a stable power source for various electronic devices and appliances on board.

What Can I Power With Portable Solar Panel in RV?

Portable solar panels can power lights, fans, charging stations for electronics, and other small DC or AC appliances on RV.


Wi-Fi Router


Coffee Maker



How to Hook Up Solar Panels to RV Batteries?

Hooking up the portable solar panel to RV battery via a charge controller ensures efficient energy transfer, with the positive and negative terminals connected to the charge controller, which is then connected to the RV battery for off-grid power.

solar panel fuse

Best Portable Solar Panels for RV

When choosing portable solar panels for your RV, consider the Sungold soolar HP series 400W portable solar panel for its foldable design and efficient solar cells. The Sungold winner bag series  TF-S-200W portable solar kits is a durable option with easy setup. the Sungold SPC series 135W Foldable Solar Panel Kit is easy to carry. If you have a power station, 400W Portable Solar Panel is a compatible and efficient solution. Prioritize factors like power output, compatibility, and durability,

HP-D-400W Solar Panel

Winnner Bag TF-S-200W

SPC-TF-S-135W Solar Panels

Portable Solar Panels for RV FAQs

A 200-watt solar panel is a basic and affordable option for RV owners who want to power some of their appliances.


Approximate Runtime with 200W Solar Panel and 120Ah Battery Bank

12V Refrigerator

About 7 hours

TV/Small Devices

About 1 hour


Requires more solar power

AC Unit (RV)

Requires about 1,800 watts of solar panels

Power required for RVs is critical for an efficient and sustainable setup. Here is a compilation of projected energy usage for 5 different sizes and lengths of RVs.

Whether you own a spacious Class A motorhome or a compact Class B, understanding your RV’s energy needs is the first step in making an informed decision to install solar panels for RV.

RV Size


Electrical System

Daily Electricity Consumption

Class A

About 33 feet


40 to 50 kWh

Class B

About 20 feet


10 to 15 kWh

Class C

About 28 feet

30-amp or 50-amp

20 to 30 kWh

5th Wheel

32-36 feet


30 to 40 kWh

Travel Trailer

High 20-low 30 feet


15 to 25 kWh



Adding portable solar panels to an existing RV system is the easiest way to expand your solar system. It is easily connected to the existing system with just a few wires and connectors and requires no changes to the wiring on the existing system. Portable power stations with RV portable solar panels are the choice of many RV owners.

Power your RV off the grid by installing solar panels on the roof and connecting them to deep cycle batteries, or use a portable generator with fuel options like gasoline or propane to generate electricity when needed. Consider energy-efficient appliances, propane usage, and conservation practices to optimize off-grid power management.

RV batteries can last from 1 to 7 days before needing to be recharged, but the specifics can vary greatly depending on factors such as the off-grid range of the RV battery, battery capacity, energy consumption, and recharging method.


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