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Sungold Growth Milestone

We are still young, but we are far-sighted



sungold founded 2008, with more than 20 people and a few pieces of equipment, and simply started its solar road. Just like this straightforward name, all Sungold people treat the sunlight as precious as gold. So although we stumbled along the way, we are still determined.

Just like this straightforward name, all Shanggu people treat the sunlight as precious as gold, so although we stumbled along the way, we are still determined.



Jiang Guoqing took Harry on a ride around the world.



Sungold is 14 years old, Jiang Guoqing is 36, and Harry is 13. Harry is a Portuguese water dog.

They are ready to do it again, to take a route they didn’t take last time, to see a landscape they didn’t see last time.

Sungold Growth Milestone

Sungold’s growth is not fast, compared to those unicorn companies that grow in leaps and bounds in a few years, Sungold’s development is one step at a time. This may be related to our character.

We will go for customers. We are willing to grow together with our customers. We want to make the solar business bigger together with our customers. We are willing to share and give, as long as you are a customer we recognize. We dare say NO, we’ll suggest what’s best for you, not what you want most.

We will be more focused. We will not take our footsteps to other tracks. We will concentrate on the solar industry and work on our internal skills single-mindedly. Although we are not a very big company, we have always had a great dream — to make the sky a little bluer.

Fulfilling the dream in our way

By comparison, Jiang and Harry are the more successful team. They have accomplished their dream in their way. In 2012, they started the Sichuan-Tibet ride, passing through Everest, Nepal, crossing Qinghai-Tibet, and then back to Suzhou on the mainland, to 2014, they started the round-the-world ride, passing through 23 countries and regions and riding 25,000 kilometers from Suzhou. One man and one dog, across Asia, Europe, and North America.

What’s on the other side of the mountain? “There are mountains everywhere in my hometown. Since I was a kid, I’ve been curious: what’s on the other side of the mountain?” So says Jiang, “I want to know how far away the world is. It only takes two wheels.”

In 2021, it has been seven years since the last round-the-world ride. Jiang wanted to plan the next round-the-world ride while Harry was still in good health, and it was this ride that found some ties and resonance between him and Sungold.

He wrote an impassioned letter addressed to Sungold.

In the letter, he interpreted his preparation for this round-the-world ride with strong emotions and excitement between the lines. He depicted many beautiful landscapes and carried out thorough planning.

The Sungold people who read the letter were very much impacted. The boy on this letterhead paper was simply like us. Although we are very small compared to the world, we have grand goals and ideals. And in response to the goal, we try so hard to achieve it.

There is a fire in our eyes and light in our hearts.So we hit it off with Jiang, it was a match made in heaven.

Sungold can help him with his energy consumption.

Sungold is willing to go and help Jiang design and customize some products to solve his troubles in riding, reduce the risks he might encounter, and help him and Harry get to the finish line more smoothly.

Harry is getting older and needs a trailer, he can’t run too many miles anymore.There is more weight to carry, so Jiang also needs 2 assisted Electric motor.

In the past 7 years, the electronic industry has developed rapidly, such as GPRS, cell phones, cameras, as well as inflatable equipment, lighting equipment, music equipment, and so on, have changed a lot.

Our solar energy panels can help him solve all the energy consumption problems.Compared to that time he went on the road alone 7 years ago, I am sure this time his journey will be much easier.

Sungold, is a young company.

We, like millions of you, are small in body but have big ideals. We will move forward firmly towards our goal. On the way forward, we also hope to become good friends with everyone who travels with us. Because our ideal is the dream of this world.

“During our travels in these 23 countries and regions, Harry and I have received help from hundreds and thousands of strangers. This kind of trust between strangers often starts with a smile between each other.” So says Jiang.

With more smiles, the sky will be bluer.


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