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Sungold Solar Rigid Solar Panel

Innovate to achieve classic

The rigid solar panel is the most mature solar panel, this series of products has been available for more than 50 years. Rigid solar panel is stable, long service life, and long warranty time.

Introduction of different series

Rigid solar panel is time-proven products. Although it is heavy, solid,and is difficult to move, the output is stable. The rigid solar panel is also the most familiar solar energy product, and it is the iconic product in the solar panel family.Sungold Solar is one of the best rigid solar panels suppliers.

rigid solar panel kits for rv

SGM Series

  • High efficiency and favorable price

Sungold provides a full of rigid frame monocrystalline solar panel modules to global customers and is widely used in various fields. It has SGM PV solar panels and  PV solar panels with high efficiency and provides the best solar panel price, free power for charging 12V batteries, for example in the boat, motorhome, caravan, camping, narrowboat, yacht, etc, or any other systems with a 12V battery or battery bank.

  • Long service life and stable output

Rigid solar panel kits for rv is enclosed by tempered glass and high-quality materials, which make sure it has a long service time, while good protection can also ensure stable output.

SGD Series

  • Adopt the latest PERC Shingle-cell technology

Using the latest generation of high-efficiency PERC Shingle-cell technology and the latest cell surface optimization technology, it achieves zero cell spacing, greatly reduces package blanks and maximizes component space. This effectively increases the light receiving area of the assembly and greatly increases the power.

  • Durable and waterproof

The SGD fixed solar panels for caravans is the most mature design. The connection between the glass panel and the aluminum alloy frame is encapsulated with solar silica gel, which will not allow any moisture to enter. The SGD solar glass panel has an IP67 waterproof rating, and the overall product will not affect the work of the product if it is exposed to rain or water. You can work outdoors for a long time without worrying about any quality issues.

rigid solar panel
Sungold Solar Rigid Solar Panel

SGSP Series

  • Perfect after-sale service, long warranty period

All Sungold residential and commercial panels are backed by the industry-leading 10-year coverage of the Sungold Complete Confidence panel warranty.Each panel is manufactured with the absolute confidence to deliver more energy, reliability, and savings over time—and reinforced by extensive third-party testing.

  • Higher energy conversion rate

Today’s SGSP solar glass panels are covered with high-efficiency Sunpower solar cells that generate energy from sunlight with higher conversion efficiency, which is 24% higher than other conventional panels.

SGP Series

  • Strong impact resistance, easy to install

Due to the premium protection, SGP solar glass panels can resist high wind pressure and high-intensity snow. Due to its own design, the SGP solar glass panel is not suitable for carrying after one installation, so it is more inclined to be used in a fixed way. With a special bracket, it can be easily installed on the motorhome.

  • IP67 waterproof rating

The SGP series fixed solar panel kit has an IP67 waterproof rating, and the overall product will not be affected by rain or water splashing. You can work outdoors for a long time without worrying about any quality issues.

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Sungold’s comprehensive panel portfolio ensures maximum flexibility to address all of your energy needs.


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