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Lasting because of stability

Sungold SGD series rigid solar panel, use the sun to charge!

Rigid solar panel - SGD Series

The Sungold SGD series rigid solar panel is yet another innovation in an established product. Although the appearance is the same as before, it is a glass laminated design and uses an aluminum alloy frame, but the string welding process of solar cells is blessed with the latest technology.

High efficiency

High efficiency

Long service life

Long service life

Strong impact resistance

Strong impact resistance

Easy to install and stable output

Easy to install and stable output

Product Description

Although the appearance of Sungold SGD series PERC shingled-cell solar panels does not change much from the previous products, the power generation efficiency is improved with the progress of solar cells.

SGD series rigid solar panel

Sungold SGD series PERC shingled solar panel is covered with high-efficiency solar cells to generate energy from sunlight and coupled with shingled string welding technology, the products have higher conversion efficiency, up to 23%.


  • Durable and waterproof

The SGD series fixed solar panel is the most mature design. The connection between the glass panel and the aluminum alloy frame is encapsulated with solar silica gel, which will not let any moisture enter.

  • Long warranty period

Sungold SGD series rigid solar panel has a 20-year service life and a 10-year warranty period.

  • Beautiful

Unique appearance, a beautiful arrangement of solar cells, unique.

  • Easy to use

The relevant supporting equipment is already very mature, and the installation and use are relatively simple.


Sungold SGD series rigid solar pv panel can be applied in multiple scenarios and have a wide range of applications. The excellent cost performance makes the products stand out among many similar products. Sungold is one of the most professional companies that manufacture solar panels.


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