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portable solar panels for camping

The SPC series are popular portable solar panels for camping on the market

Portable Solar Panels for Camping - SPC Series

SPC series portable solar panels for camping stand out with their portable folding design and lightweight, which are widely applicable to a wide range of outdoor scenarios such as camping and RV.

Easy to use

Easy To Use

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Simple Setup

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Rich accessories

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Product Description

Sungold SPC series products are the most popular solar folding bag styles in the market. Portable solar panels for camping are made of polymer materials that provide excellent flexibility and strength, and the SPC series camping solar panels feature an advanced ETFE surface material that is both aesthetically pleasing and stylish. The integrated synthetic stitching process not only extends the life of the camping solar panels but also makes them ideal for off-grid environments such as RV and camping.


The SPC series is the latest generation of the SPC series of portable solar panels for camping. The uses a new polymer composite material developed by Sungold itself. Proven by Sungold’s pedal test. The solar panel’s impact resistance is effectively enhanced.The SPC series solar panel features a foldable design that is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and can be picked up with one hand. This portable solar panel is perfect for use in an RV or camping.

Rich Accessories

Sungold provides you with DC and Anderson interface accessories, or the accessories you want, to meet your different charging needs for energy storage devices. Solar panels are compatible with Jackery/Ecoflow/Anker/Rockpals/Blutti power stations.

Plug and Play

SPC series solar panels for camping have a plug-and-play feature with a universal plug design that can be adapted to a wide range of energy storage specifications. It is also equipped with USB and Type-C charging ports, allowing you to charge multiple devices at the same time.

Portable Installation

SPC Series portable solar panels for camping are easy to install by simply unfolding the bracket and placing it easily on the ground. In addition, it is equipped with a round ventilation hole for charging vehicles, tents, etc. without taking up extra space.

Product Specifications

A comprehensive consideration of the various solar panel parameters helps campers to more accurately select the solar panel that meets their individual needs, thus ensuring reliable energy support during glamping activities.

Folding Number2pcs3pcs4pcs5pcs2pcs3pcs4pcs2pcs3pcs2pcs3pcs4pcs
Maximum power(Pmax)90W135W180W225W90W135W180W110W165W100W150W200W
Max Power Voltage22.3V22.3V22.3V22.3V22.3V22.3V22.3V19.8V19.8V19.4V19.4V19.4V
Max Power Current4.04A6.06A8.08A10.09A4.04A6.06A8.08A5.56A8.34A5.16A7.74A10.31A
Open Circuit Voltage26.2V26.2V26.2V26.2V26.2V26.2V26.2V23.3V23.3V22.9V22.9V22.9V
Short Circuit Current4.28A6.42A8.56A10.70A4.28A6.42A8.56A6.00A9.00A5.46A8.20A10.93A
Cell typeSUNPOWER 3.75WSUNPOWER 3.75WSUNPOWER 3.75WSUNPOWER 3.75WSUNPOWER 3.75WSUNPOWER 3.75WSUNPOWER 3.75WMono 166Mono 166Shingled cell 210Shingled cell 210Shingled cell 210
Expand Size1075*560*4mm1525*560*4mm1975*560*4mm2435*560*4mm1075*560*4mm1525*560*4mm1975*560*4mm1305*560*4mm1855*560*4mm1155*615*4mm1630*615*4mm2110*615*4mm
Folded Size560*440*15mm560*440*20mm560*440*25mm560*440*30mm560*440*15mm560*440*20mm560*440*25mm565*550*15mm565*550*20mm615*470*15mm615*470*20mm615*470*25mm
Outlet/Accessories0.3m Cable + Anderson connector0.3m Cable + Anderson connector0.3m Cable + Anderson connector0.3m Cable + Anderson connector0.3m Cable + Anderson connector0.3m Cable + Anderson connector0.3m Cable + Anderson connector0.3m Cable + Anderson connector0.3m Cable + Anderson connector0.3m Cable + Anderson connector0.3m Cable + Anderson connector0.3m Cable + Anderson connector
The maximum system voltage100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)
Warranty1 year1 year1 year1 year2 years2 years2 years2 years2 years2 years2 years2 years


SPC series solar panels for camping are designed with 12V output, which perfectly supports the charging of batteries, lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. Whether you are RV camping, truck camping, canoe camping, SUV camping fishing camping or bike camping, SPC series camping solar panels can provide you with long-lasting power and stable energy supply.

Primitive Camping

Fishing Camp

Kayak / Canoe Camping

Solar Van for Camping

Bike Camping

Truck Camping

The Sungold SPC Series portable solar panels for camping are the ideal energy solution for campers. Its lightweight design and foldable structure make it easy to carry without adding burden. Adopting advanced solar energy conversion technology ensures efficient energy absorption in full sunlight outdoors. Waterproof and wear-resistant design enhances durability. Multiple charging ports meet the needs of various devices, providing reliable charging energy for smartphones, tablets and more.


Solar panels for a camper is relatively new topic. Here are some answers to common questions about camping solar panels to help you better understand this useful camping gear.

A 200W camping solar panels is sufficient for camping, especially if your power needs are relatively modest and you’re mindful of your energy consumption. Here are some scenarios where a 200W solar panel could be suitable for camping:Charging Small Devices/LED Lighting/Basic Appliances/Battery Charging/Energy Conservation/Emergency Situations/Portable Solar Generators.

A detailed answer to provide information about your business, build trust with potential clients, and help convince the visitor that you are a good fit for them.

For camping activities, the most suitable type of solar panel is usually lightweight, portable and durable. Here are some of the types of solar panels that are suitable for camping:Folding Solar Charging Panels/Flexible Solar Panels/Hangable Solar Charging Panels.

The size of solar panel you choose for camping depends largely on your energy needs and how well it adapts to weather conditions. Considering the potential for dew and cloudy weather, it’s a good idea to go for a slightly larger solar panel. 120W or 150W solar panels will usually provide enough power for devices such as LED lighting and cell phone chargers, and can maintain a certain level of energy supply even in less-than-ideal weather conditions.

Solar panels are a sustainable and convenient way to power your camping trip. They are lightweight, portable, and can provide energy to remote off-grid areas. Portable solar panels can power a variety of useful camping devices such as lights, smartphones, laptops and small appliances. Rigid solar panels can power any size RV. Solar panels provide campers with a reliable, environmentally friendly and portable energy solution that allows them to enjoy the comfort of the outdoors while reducing their dependence on traditional energy sources.

The amount of solar power you need for off-grid camping depends on several factors, including your energy consumption, the devices you plan to power, the duration of your camping trip, and the weather conditions of your camping location.Here’s a simplified formula to calculate the solar panel capacity (in watts):

Solar Panel Capacity (W) = (Daily Energy Consumption (Wh) / Average Sunlight Hours) * 1.2

Remember that the available sunlight hours can vary depending on the time of year and the location. You can find average sunlight data for different locations online.

Choosing the best portable solar panels for camping involves considering a variety of factors to ensure that they will meet your energy needs and fit your camping style.
1.Power needs
2.Solar panel type
3.Power and output
4.Portability and size
5.Build quality and durability
6.Efficiency and conversion rate
7.Mounting and Setup
8.Charge controller
9.Compatibility with batteries

Besides the obvious environmental benefits of using the sun’s rays as a renewable energy resource, campers can benefit greatly from solar panels in other ways. The biggest is being able to stay in dispersed camping areas with a lack of hookups while still being able to utilize all your electronics. With the nightly rates for campsites rising yearly, freedom from modern campgrounds can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year, depending on how much you camp.


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