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portable solar system

Sungold Solar Lights Up Your Off-Grid Living

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off grid solar system

Sungold Solar Provides High Quality Off-Grid Solar System Solutions

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highest watt solar panel

Buy wholesale highest watt solar panels for RV from sungold solar

Off Grid Solar Kits

Off grid solar kits are one of the components of off grid solar systems. SunGold has a variety of different solar panel kits, which are favored by off grid solar system customers for their unique appearance and excellent performance. They can meet all your needs, including RV, home, outdoor, etc.

400w Portable Solar Panel with Shingled Welding Technology and Higher Unit Efficiency

BXF -200W Achieves up to 22.70% cell efficiency, providing a reliable power solution for extended camping and RV living.

Solar Charging Bag for Camping with Sunpower Cells and ETFE Surface Material

Why Choose Us

About Sungold Solar

Established in 2008,  SHENZHEN SUNGOLD SOLAR CO., LTD is renowned for its innovative off grid solar system solutions. Sungold As the company’s brand,  Is a  solar panel manufacturer and off grid solar system supplier that seamlessly integrates research, development, production, sales, and service.

Sungold solar panel applications have gained widespread recognition among countless professionals globally. Functioning as a distinguished supplier of off grid solar system solar supplier, the company adeptly fulfills the energy requirements of users relying on outdoor Off Grid Solar System Kit, including RVs and camping.


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Off-Grid Solar System

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Application Solution

Sungold solar panels come in a variety of sizes and wattages for easy portability or permanent installation. The best portable solar panels for home, RV, camping,off grid solar system living

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Installing Solar Panels On Your RV Is The Most Cost Efficient And Sustainable Way To Power Your Adventures. Sungold Portable Solar Panels Will Power Your Electronic Devices, And Keep Your Food And Beverages Cold In The Refrigerator.
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Portable Solar Panels For Van 

Lightweight portable solar panels offer an eco-friendly energy solution for your van. They efficiently charge devices, providing self-sufficient power on the go, enhancing outdoor adventures.
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Solar Panel For Travel Trailer

Compact solar panels for trailers ensure hassle-free travel. Harnessing sunlight efficiently, they power your journey, keeping you off the grid while offering a portable, eco-friendly energy source.
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portable solar panels for camping

Explore freedom with Portable Solar Panels for campers. Compact and efficient, they ensure on-the-go power, making your outdoor adventures sustainable and enjoyable.

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Off-grid solar system with solar panels

Empower off-grid living with solar panels. This system ensures constant, sustainable electricity for remote spaces like cabins or RVs, promoting eco-friendly independence.

Sungold Solar Reviews from Customers

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do, and Sungold solar not only provides high-quality solar products but also exceptional customer service to ensure that our customers are supported and assisted every step of the way.

Sungold the world's leading off grid solar system supplier

99% of customers find our products good value for money and would recommend SUNGOLD to a friend.

Latest News

Learn more about the contribution of Sungold Solar to solar panels and stay up to date with trade exhibitions and events.

Why Solar Powered Security Cameras are a Smart Choice

Why Solar Powered Security Cameras are a Smart Choice

As technology advances, solar-powered security cameras have become an integral part of modern home and business security systems. These cameras



Final Answer: A 50~100 watt solar panel can run small devices for charging, lighting, and coolers for basic camping needs.

9 Reasons You Need Portable Solar Panels For Camping

9 Reasons You Need Portable Solar Panels For Camping

Camping offers a unique opportunity to disconnect from your daily chores and immerse yourself in nature. However, staying comfortable and

Sungold Solar FAQs

A: Sungold Solar has been a leading innovator in solar and off-grid solutions since 2008.

With over 16 years of development and manufacturing experience, Sungold solar has grown to become one of North America's leading solar suppliers of RV and camping solar panels and off-grid solutions.

Sungold solar offers a full line of high quality solar panels, including portable, rigid, and flex solar panels, to provide consistent and cost-effective off-grid solar solutions for RV, camping, marine, and other outdoor activities.

A: Sungold Solar's best-selling product models include: 400w solar panel, 250w solar panels, 300 watt solar panel, 100 watt solar panel, 200 watt solar panel. Of course, there are solar panels with different powers, and the sungold solar panel prices also vary. When you combine all the elements such as build quality, ease of use and after-sales support, sungold solar is arguably the best in the industry

A: Sungold solar's certifications include but are not limited to TÜV/UL/FCC/CE/RoHS/ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification/ISO14001 Environmental Management Certification.

A: Complete product series: Sungold solar offer portable  solar panels, etc., providing more choices for users.

Professional customization service: Sungold solar supports OEM and ODM customization service, compared with standardized portable solar panels manufacturer, Sungold can provide off-grid solar power generation system solutions with stronger compatibility.

Outstanding technical advantages: Sungold solar has been deep-touched in North America RV and camping off-grid application field for 15 years, with rich user cases and mature manufacturing technology. Sungold solar has launched solar panels for camping and RV solar panel kits, which are more suitable for off grid solar system applications requirements in North America.

A: Sure. Sungold provides professional off-grid solutions for RV and camping, specializing in 12v solar panels and 24v off grid solar system, and offering a wide range of portable, rigid, and flexible solar panels as well as power kit voltage sizing customization services. Whether you're just getting started with solar energy or you're looking to achieve complete off-grid energy independence, Sungold solar can help.

A: Yes, Sungold solar panels have ensured a high degree of compatibility with the most common 12V and 24V voltage standards in the market, as well as the use of universal connecting fittings, so they can be easily connected to most power station or batteries and ensure high power generation efficiency. This makes sungold solar panels a strong choice when used in conjunction with other brands of solar panels.

The universal wiring design makes Sungold solar panels compatible with most of the portable power stations on the market and provides efficient and stable power supply.


A: Our supporting team is available online or via email to provide you with the assistance you need.While Sungold solar is committed to providing you with the best off-grid solar solutions, we are also committed to providing excellent customer service.If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

A: Sungold solar is about sustainable energy supply and a low carbon green lifestyle.

We are facing the challenges of climate change and a growing global population. The way we choose to live determines our future.

Sungold solar is committed to be the advocate and leader of green and low-carbon energy solutions. Sungold Solar is committed to being the leader in green energy solutions and low-carbon lifestyle by continuously developing solar products and providing comprehensive off-grid and grid-connected solar solutions.

Sungold's brand philosophy is one earth, one home, bluer skies. Join Sungold solar and work together for a sustainable future.

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