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Flexible Solar Panels

Sungold flexible solar panels are lightweight and carryable, you can not only mount them fixedly but also carry them wherever you go. Sungold flexible solar panels can be adapted to different application scenarios, especially for sailboats, trawlers, yachts, van or boat roofs that have a curved uneven surface, you can even bring the panels for camping and road trips, which makes them extremely versatile. Sungold flexible solar panels are thin, lightweight, and compact, making them easy to transport, install, and store, making them the perfect solar partners for your every adventure.

TF series flexible solar panels adopt Sungold patented material and ETFE surface layer to provide better protection and stronger surface resistance for solar cells. The maximum bending arch height can be up to 360mm, which minimizes the problem of mounting and even curved surface.TF series has three kinds of cells: stacked, monocrystalline and sunpower and many power ranging from 55W~290W, the maximum power generation efficiency can be up to 24.40%, which provides you more flexible ETFE solar panel choices. Suitable for RV, camping, marine and many other off-grid application scenarios.


TF 55w-290w

Best flexible solar panel Sungold LEE series has a maximum efficiency of more than 24.4%, thanks to the double-sided ETFE material and special surface particle design, which reduces sunlight reflection. The panels bend approximately 15 degrees for easy installation, making them ideal for boats, RVs, rooftops, tents and other irregular surfaces. The LEE series provides two types of cells: monocrystalline and sunpower, as well as numerous power options from 60W to 270W. The MC4 connector has stronger adaptability and compatibility, making connection and installation more convenient. It is the best flexible solar panel choice for boats, RVs, roofs, and tents.

LEE 60W-270W

Flexible solar panel kit LE series is a PV module developed by Sungold that is both flexible and impact-resistant. Like most thin film solar panels, LE flexible solar panels use ETFE surface material and adopt ultra-thin lamination technology. The overall thickness is only 4mm, which is 1/3 of traditional rigid solar panels, and the weight is only half of traditional solar panels. It is more flexible and convenient to transport and install, reducing the burden of your journey. The optimal solution for flexible solar panel kits for various roofs and various flat surfaces with poor load-bearing.

LE 60W-270W

High Efficiency: The solar panel incorporates back-contact SunPower solar cells renowned for their exceptional efficiency, ranging between 22.4% and 24%.
Durability and Waterproofing: The SP series utilizes high-quality ETFE material imported from Japan, providing exceptional durability. It can withstand high temperatures up to 242℃ and boasts excellent IP67 waterproof capabilities.
Flexibility and Aerodynamic Design: The SP series solar panels offers enhanced flexibility, allowing for bending of up to 30°. This flexibility proves advantageous for installations on caravan or yacht roofs, while its aerodynamic design ensures optimal performance.
Aesthetically Pleasing: The SP series sunpower flexible solar panel exhibits a sleek and seamless appearance. Its inherent flexibility enables it to conform seamlessly to various surfaces, resulting in visually appealing designs.

SP 90W-165W

Why Choose Flexible Solar Panels?

Flexible solar panels vs. rigid are lighter and thinner and possess a bending ability, so they are easier to carry, transport and simplify installation.Sungold’s flexible solar panels feature high-quality solar cell and ETFE surface materials, which have a solar conversion efficiency of up to 24.4%. The integrated lamination technology makes them thinner and lighter, with good resistance to salt spray and water, as well as oxidation and UV resistance, leading to more stable performance and a longer service life.

Flexible solar panels product features

Lightweight to Poor Loading Roofs
Lightweight to Poor Loading Roofs

Sungold flexible solar panels effortlessly adapt to a variety of surfaces, both flat and curved. Whether you’re looking to power caravans and campervans, RVs or boats, or to power equipment on a safari, flexible solar panels are the perfect choice for roofs with less load!

Portable for Temporary Installations

Flexible solar panels can be installed through metal-reinforced mounting holes, suspended or fixed with screws. No manual drilling is required, making installation and disassembly easier and portable design,suitable for temporary and short-term installation. You can also use silicone structural glue for fixed installation, which will be more secure without gaps.

How Long Does it Take to Install Solar Panels
Excellent Performance in Poor Light Conditions
Excellent Performance in Poor Light Conditions

Sungold flexible solar panels are manufactured with high quality solar cells and the latest solar cell technology. The surface material reduces the reflection of solar light and provides better performance than traditional solar panels in cloudy weather and shade conditions.

Easy Cleaning, Low Maintenance Cost

Sungold flexible solar panels are laminated and sealed without a frame, you don’t need to worry about cleaning the solar panels after they are put into use, simply whisk off the surface dust with a damp rag, no additional cleaning and maintenance costs are required

Easy Cleaning, Low Maintenance Cost
CE RoHS Certified
CE RoHS Certified,Quality Guaranteed

Sungold flexible solar panel has three series: ETFE solar panel TF series, flexible solar panel kit LE series, and best flexible solar panel LEE series, all of which have obtained CE, RoHS professional certificates, and Sungold is upgrading product technology in an effort to meet higher standards, quality is guaranteed and trustworthy.

Frequently asked questions

What are flexible solar panels, how they are used, pros, cons, pros and cons to consider and buying guide for flexible solar panels wholesale

Of course, flexible solar panels are lightweight, easy to transport and install, more resistant to impact and environmental damage, and have a lower carbon footprint and environmental impact. It is not only worth buying because it can reduce electricity bills, but it is also worth buying for environmental protection and low-carbon living.

Yes, some flexible solar panels are flexible and resistant enough for an adult to walk on, and Sungold's TF series of sunpower flexible solar panels even had a " welcome to walk on" notice on the exhibition

Sungold flexible solar panels are up to a 24.4% cell efficient.In full sunlight, the efficiency of flexible solar panels is close to that of standard solar panels that are 20 to 23 percent efficient, converting 20 to 23 percent of sunlight.

Flexible solar panels can be fixed in one place for a long period of time, but due to their light weight, they are ideal for uneven flat surfaces of the roof that cannot hold too much weight or for temporary installations. Rigid solar panels are better suited for permanent installations, such as on a roof, cabin or RV roof.

You can choose to secure the flexible solar panel to the RV roof with screws and then loosen the nuts to remove the flexible solar panel. There are also many RV owners who use special adhesives to secure the solar panels, but we don't recommend this method for temporary installations.


Sungold’s comprehensive flexible solar panels portfolio ensures maximum flexibility to address all of your energy needs.


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