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Sungold Solar Flexible Solar Panel Provides Reliable Energy Supply

Lighter, Beautiful & Flexible Solar Panels

Flexible solar panel is the trend of recent years, the solar panel will be more lightweight, flexible, and widely used in RV, yacht and other outdoor projects. You can make full use of light energy, converting sunlight into clean energy and delivering power to the equipment you need. If you want to invest in solar panels, Sungold is one of the most trusted and best flexible solar panel suppliers

Introduction of different series

Flexible solar panels are lightweight, flexible, easy to install, and have excellent weather resistance, so they can generate electricity for you 24 hours a day outdoors.

lightweight solar panel

TF Series

  • Adopting PERC Shingle-cell technology

TF Series solar panel adopts mature crystalline silicon solar cell technology and polymer composite material to realize a new type of photovoltaic module with no glass, light weight and thin panel. The solar cell adopts PERC Shingle-cell technology to achieve zero cell spacing, which effectively increases the light receiving area of the module.

  • Light weight and high energy conversion efficiency

The overall weight of TF series solar flexible panels is light and the conversion rate is high, up to 23%. The products use Sungold’s specially developed patented materials to strengthen the protection of the cells, enhance the solar panel’s anti-aging, UV and corrosion resistance, and greatly reduce the weight of the solar charging panel, relieving the dependence of the solar charging panel on PCB-type support boards.

LEE Series

  • Using ETFE and carbon fiber material

Sungold LEE Series etfe solar panel is a very advanced panel, by reinforcing the panel with ETFE and carbon fiber, it achieves the perfect strength and weight ratio required for structural support. Sungold LEE Series is resistant to high temperature, corrosion, weathering and longer service life, in addition, its special texture design can reduce the reflection of sunlight and absorb more sunlight.

  • Easy to install

The panels can be bent 15 degrees for easy installation. The semi-flexible lightweight solar panels are protected by fiberglass inside, and the ETFE full-coverage design makes them more suitable for extreme applications, especially in marine environments.

etfe solar panel
flexible solar panels for boats

LE Series

  • Lightweight, ETFE material

The Sungold LE Series is a lightweight solar panel. The surface is made of ETFE material, the most important feature is that it is ultra-light, 50% lighter than glass solar panels of the same wattage.Sungold LE Series is also compatible with ordinary monocrystalline solar cells for better protection.

  • Easy to carry, energy saving and environmental protection

Solar panels are easy to carry and can provide electricity for RVs, sea boats, tents, etc. No need for bracket, energy saving and environmental protection.

SP Series

  • Back contact SunPower battery, high efficiency

Sungold SP flexible solar panel adopts back contact SunPower solar cell, with efficiency from 22.4% to 24%. Using ETFE material imported from Japan, the solar panel can withstand high temperature of 242℃ and light transmission rate of more than 95%. In addition, it has excellent waterproof performance.

  • Flexible and beautiful

SP series are more flexible than traditional flexible solar panels (such as FP series) because they can be bent up to 30°. This is an aerodynamic design that reduces wind resistance when installed on the roof of an RV or yacht.

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Sungold’s comprehensive panel portfolio ensures maximum flexibility to address all of your energy needs.


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