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Sungold TF Series flexible solar panel, use the sun to charge!

Flexible Solar Panel - TF Series

The conversion efficiency of TF series flexible solar panels is as high as 23%, which is very suitable for outdoor life. The product adopts special patented materials produced by Sungold, which have better protection for solar panels, strong impact resistance, and reduced damage to solar panels.

Proprietary and patented materials

Patented Material

High energy conversion rate

High Efficiency

Lightweight and Durable

Thin & Light

IP67 Waterproof Rating

Water Proof

Product Description

The TF series flexible solar panels have passed the company’s long-term trampling experiments, and the protection and stability of the products have been verified, which also proves that the newly added patented materials have excellent protection for the cells. Sungold Solar is a professional solar panel manufacturer.

TF series solar panel on roof

TF series

Sungold TF series solar panel is an innovative glassless solar panel. It uses mature crystalline silicon solar cells, and its technology and polymer composite materials truly realize a new type of glass-free, thin and light flexible solar panel. The TF series is as light as 3.5 kg/m2 and weighs only 30% of the rigid solar panel.


 Proprietary and patented materials

The etfe solar panel uses Sungold’s proprietary patented materials to enhance the solar panel’s anti-aging, anti-UV resistance and corrosion resistance. 

High energy conversion rate

TF series flex solar panels cover monocrystalline silicon solar cells, adopt multi-layer cell technology, and have higher conversion efficiency.

Lightweight and Durable

TF Series lightweight solar panels are lighter in overall weight, up to 10 percent lighter than other flex panels of the same power.

IP67 Waterproof Rating

With IP67 waterproof rating, TF series solar flex panels can be used in extreme weather, opening up more possibilities for your use.

flexible solar panels marine


TF series flexible solar panel kit can be used in a variety of environments, such as yachts, RVs, roofs, tents, outdoor camping, walls, and other environments. Since the flexible board is light in weight and can be hung for a long time, it greatly broadens the usage scenarios of the product.

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