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BXF 60 Watt small solar panels

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BXF 60W small solar panel

  • Model: BXF 3*20W
  • Brand: Sungold
  • Cell Efficiency: 22.00%
  • Solar Cell: Mono
  • Warranty: 1 year


Sungold BXF Series 60W small solar panel stands out with its unique design. Its one-piece foldable design makes it lightweight and portable, making it an ideal companion for outdoor activities. With IP68 waterproof, it is able to perform well in various harsh outdoor environments. In addition, its design includes USB and Type-C ports for charging small electronic devices directly, providing reliable energy security for your outdoor activities.

High Efficiency

All in One Design

IP68 Waterproof

Charge Small Devices

BXF-N-60W small solar panels

Portable Folding Design

Portable Folding Design

BXF series small solar panels are more compact with one-piece laminated design, taking up less space and more convenient to carry. The folding design makes it easy to store and unfolds the power generation area to generate more power.

Power Efficiency up to 22%

The small solar panel BXF 60W uses monocrystalline silicon cells with excellent performance and stability, with a conversion efficiency of up to 22%, which can provide continuous and reliable power support for camping life.

Power Efficiency up to 22%
IP68 Protection Rating

IP68 Protection Rating

Sungold BXF 3*20W portable small solar panel is waterproof, splash-proof and dust-proof with IP68 protection, ETFE surface, easy to clean and long service life, suitable for RV, camping and other outdoor environments.

Multiple Charging Ports

Sungold BXF Series 60W mini solar panel provides reliable energy security for outdoor activities with its unique folding design, lightweight and portable, IP68-rated waterproof performance and USB and Type-C charging ports.

Multiple Charging Ports


Sungold BXF Series 60W mini solar panel provides reliable energy security for outdoor activities with its unique folding design, lightweight and portable, IP68-rated waterproof performance and USB and Type-C charging ports.

Maximum Power (Pmax)


Open-circuit Voltage (Voc)


Voltage at Pmax (Vmp)


Short-circuit Current (Isc)


Current at Pmax (Imp)


Cells Efficiency


Solar Cell Brand

210 mono

Solar Panel Connectors

Voltage regulator FXL201

Output Cable

Dual USB 5V 3A

Number of Cells and Connections


Module Dimension

Waterproof Rating



1 year warranty, 5-year service life

Power Temperature Coefficient


Voltage Temperature Coefficient


Current Temperature Coefficient


Operating Temperature

-10°C to +60°C

Output Power Tolerance


Maximum System Voltage

100V DC (IEC)

Safety Levels

Class II

FAQ About Small Solar Panels

Small solar panels can be worth it depending on your specific needs and circumstances. They are often used for charging small electronic devices, powering outdoor lights, or supplementing energy needs in remote locations. Consider factors such as sunlight availability, energy requirements, upfront cost, and potential long-term savings to determine if they are worth it for you.

Small solar panels can power a variety of devices and appliances, including but not limited to:Mobile phones、Laptops and tablets、LED lights、Camping gear (e.g., portable coolers, fans)、Garden lights、Water pumps for small fountains or irrigation systems

The amount of energy produced by a small solar panel depends on factors such as its size, efficiency, and the amount of sunlight it receives. Generally, small solar panels produce anywhere from a few watts to around 100 watts of power. This can translate to several watt-hours of energy per day, depending on sunlight conditions.

As of my last update in January 2022, the “most powerful” small solar panel can vary depending on advancements in technology. Companies like SunPower, LG, and Panasonic are known for producing highly efficient solar panels for residential and commercial use. As for the smallest, there are portable solar chargers designed for personal electronics that can fit in a pocket or backpack.

Yes, mini solar panels do work, but their effectiveness depends on factors such as sunlight availability and the energy requirements of the device they’re powering. They are commonly used for small-scale applications like charging smartphones, powering LED lights, or running small electronics.

The energy production of a mini solar panel can vary widely depending on its size, efficiency, and exposure to sunlight. Mini solar panels typically produce anywhere from a few milliwatts to a few watts of power. This can translate to enough energy to charge a smartphone or run LED lights for several hours under optimal conditions.


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