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LEE Series best flexible solar panels

Flexible solar panel - LEE Series

LEE series best flexible solar panels are upgraded versions of LE series products. Both sides of the products are made of ETFE materials imported from Japan.

High Efficiency

High Efficiency

Thin and light

Thin and light

high weatherability

high weatherability

IP67 waterproof rating

IP67 waterproof rating

Product Description

Sungold LEE series solar panel flexible design with a special particle, which can reduce the reflection of sunlight and absorb more sunlight. The panels can be bent about 15 degrees for easy installation and are ideal for boats, RVs, roofs, tents, and other irregular surfaces.

LEE Series flexible solar panel

The conversion efficiency of Sungold LEE series solar panels is as high as 23%, which is very suitable for outdoor living and is designed for extreme use environments such as yachts and RVs. Using double-sided ETFE material, it is a solar panel with high weather resistance, high salt spray resistance, high corrosion resistance, and high anti-aging.

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best flexible solar panels


Higher Energy Conversion Rate

LEE series solar panels generate energy from sunlight with a higher conversion efficiency, up to 23% higher than other conventional panels.

Long Service Life

LEE series etfe-laminated flexible solar panels use double-sided ETFE laminated outer film, which has high weather resistance, high salt spray resistance, high corrosion resistance, high anti-aging, and other characteristics, with good light transmission, which can extend the service life.


The overall weight of the LEE series lightweight flexible solar panels is light, very thin, and easy to use.

IP67 waterproof rating

LEE series waterproof solar panel can reach IP67 waterproof rating, which opens up more possibilities for your use.


LEE series solar panels are designed for yachts, RVs, and other scenarios. The MC4 connector can facilitate the serial and parallel connection of multiple products.It is very easy to install. If you are looking for a solar panel manufacturer, Sungold Solar can bring you a better product experience.


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