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Sungold SGSP series rigid solar panels

Sungold SGSP series rigid solar panels, use the sun to charge!

Rigid solar panel - SGSP Series

Sungold SGSP series sunpower solar panels have dependable durability and work flawlessly in real environments.

High efficiency

High efficiency

Long service life

Long service life

Easy to install and stable outpu 1

Easy to install and stable outpu

Strong impact resistance

Strong impact resistance

Product Description

Sungold SGSP series solar panel has a power output of more than 90% in 10 years, and a power output of more than 80% in 25 years. It has a high-efficiency output and more power output per square meter. It is suitable for off-grid environments such as RVs and boat roofs.

Beautiful design

The off-grid cables of  SGSP series glass solar panels of look cleaner. The new black frame complements the high-efficiency solar cells.

Strong performance and long service life

The SGSP series sunpower solar panel advance encapsulation materials with multi-layer sheet lamination enhance battery performance and provide long service life.

sunpower high efficiency solar panels
SGSP series glass solar panels

ested by EL, stable output

EL Tested Solar Module. No Hot Spot Heating Guarantee. The TPT backplate ensures smooth performance over the long term.

Strong compatibility, easy to install

The fixed solar panels for caravans kit meets different application needs. Ground mount compatible. Compatible with grid-tied and off-grid inverters. Pre-drilled holes on the back of the panel allow for quick installation and fixing.


SGSP series solar panels are best suited for residential, commercial use, and large off-grid systems. It is recommended to complete large-scale projects with SGSP series solar panels, ideal for grid-connected and off-grid projects.Sungold Solar is one of the most trusted solar panel wholesale suppliers.


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