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SGM Series Rigid Solar Panel

Sungold SGM series rigid solar panels, use the sun to charge!

Rigid Solar Panel - SGM Series

SGM series rigid solar panels are the most widely known products in the solar panel family. Its application scenarios range from solar power stations to roadside streetlights and are widely used.

Easy to install and stable output

Easy to install and stable output

High efficiency

High efficiency

Long service life

Long service life

Strong impact resistance

Strong impact resistance

Product Description

Sungold SGM series rigid solar panel has many advantages, its cost price structure is extremely reasonable, and its excellent cost performance makes the product stand out among many similar products. Sungold Solar is a manufacturer of solar panel you can trust.

SGM series rigid solar panel

Sungold SGM series rigid solar panel as a high-efficiency component, traditional solar panel kits can generate more electricity than you might think under standard light. This series of monocrystalline solar panel has an IP67 waterproof rating, you can put the product outdoors for a long time without worrying about any quality problems.


  • High efficiency

Sungold provides full rigid frame monocrystalline solar panel modules to global customers, which are widely used in various fields. It has high-efficiency SGMC PV solar panels and SGS PV solar panels.

  • Long service life

The rigid solar panel kit for rv is closed with tempered glass and high-quality materials, ensuring its long life, while good protection also ensures stable output.

  • Easy to install and stable output

Due to its design, SGM series rigid solar panels are not suitable for carrying after one installation, so they are more inclined to be used fixedly. With a special bracket, it can be easily installed on the RV.

  • Strong impact resistance

The solar panels for off grid living kits resist high wind pressure and high levels of snow due to their premium protection.


Sungold SGM series fixed solar panels can be used in many scenarios, such as roofs, sailboats, and other off-grid environments, and are durable and cost-effective.


 SUNGOLD -The solar product portfolio ensures maximum flexibility to meet all your energy needs


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