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After-Sales Policy

SUNGOLD® After-sales  policy

Shenzhen Sungold Solar Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “SUNGOLD®”) provides the first end customer (hereinafter referred to as “customer”) who installs solar photovoltaic modules (hereinafter referred to as “modules”) of any of the following specified brands and models (only specified brands and models). ”) grants the limited warranty set forth below:

Product name: FP Series,SPC Series

Item model number:  FP-70W





1. Limited Product Warranty

SUNGOLD® warrants to the purchaser that SUNGOLD® products will be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal consumer use during the applicable warranty period identified in the “Warranty Period” section below, subject to the following exclusions. THIS WARRANTY STATEMENT STATES SUNGOLD®ENTIRE AND EXCLUSIVE WARRANTY OBLIGATIONS. We do not assume and do not authorize anyone to assume any other responsibility for us in connection with the sale of our products. 

Warranty Period: The warranty period is 12 months. In each case, the warranty period begins on the date of purchase by the purchaser. In order to determine the start date of the warranty period, a sales receipt or other reasonable documentation of the purchaser’s first purchase is required. 

Customer Support :

To obtain warranty service, contact our customer service team at

2. Peak Power Limited Warranty and Limited Remedies

SUNGOLD® guarantees the output ratio of rated power as follows:

A. For SUNGOLD® components, until the 10th year of the expiration date of the warranty period, ending at 80.2%.

B. SUNGOLD® warrants that each component is free from quality defects in material or workmanship so that the component will not fail to produce the above guaranteed rated output power specified in the SUNGOLD product specification. If, in SUNGOLD®’s sole discretion, any component that fails to provide the guaranteed rated power output ratio is due to defects in material or workmanship, SUNGOLD® will proceed according to one of the following three options:

[1] Additional components are provided to the customer to make up for the above power loss;

[2] Repair or replacement of defective components, including free shipping;

[3] Compensation to the customer for part of the loss caused by the part of the power that is less than the guaranteed rated output power.

The remedies in section 2 are the sole and exclusive remedy provided under this peak power limited warranty.


The SUNGOLD® warranty does not apply to (I) any product that has been misused, abused, modified, accidentally damaged, or used for any non-normal consumer use authorized in SUNGOLD®’s current product literature,


4. Exclusions and Restrictions

A. In any event, warranty claims should be submitted in writing to SUNGOLD® or a SUNGOLD® Authorized Distributor within the warranty period.

B. This limited warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear, prolonged exposure to the natural effects of weather conditions, or in the judgment of SUNGOLD® components subject to:

misuse, abuse, neglect, vandalism or accident;

Improper modification, installation or application;

Repairs or alterations have not been made in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions;

C. Failure to follow SUNGOLD® maintenance instructions;

Power failure, power spike, surge, lighting, flood, fire, accidental breakage or other events beyond SUNGOLD® control. THIS LIMITED WARRANTY COMPRISES ONLY PAYMENT OF SHIPPING ANY REPAIRED OR REPLACED COMPONENT TO SUNGOLD® OR REFUNDING A REASONABLE PART OF THE PURCHASE PRICE PAID BY THE CUSTOMER (“PURCHASE PRICE”). The cost of returning components to SUNGOLD® authorized agents and distributors, or the costs associated with installing, removing, or reinstalling components is the responsibility of the end customer.

D. Warranty claims will not be honored if the type, serial number of a SUNGOLD® component has been tampered with, removed or otherwise illegible without the written authorization of SUNGOLD®.

5. Transferability

This warranty is valid for the original end purchaser and may also be transferred to subsequent owners or owners of the product at the same location while the component remains in the original installation location with a valid proof of succession or transfer.

6. Get Warranty

In order to obtain warranty service under the SUNGOLD® Limited Warranty, the end customer or distributor shall promptly notify SUNGOLD®. At the time of notification, the complete serial number on the component product label shall be provided, and the date of shipment shall also be indicated. The end customer or distributor is obliged to assist SUNGOLD® in analyzing and finding faults, including but not limited to providing pictures of faulty products and installation and use records.

7. Others

Repair, replacement or provision of additional components will not give effect to the terms of the new warranty and shall not extend the original limited warranty. Any replaced components shall be owned by SUNGOLD®. If SUNGOLD® has ceased production of the module in question at the time of claim, SUNGOLD may, at its option, provide other models of PV modules (different size, color, shape or power), either a new brand or an original brand.

8. Force Majeure

SUNGOLD® shall not in any way be responsible for any damage caused by fire, floods, snowstorms, hurricanes, lightning, acts of God, changes in public policy, terrorism, war, riots, strikes, inability to obtain adequate and adequate manpower and Failure or delay in performan


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