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Custom Solar Panels HP-B-4*100W

Custom Solar Panels HP-B-4*100W

Model: HP-B-4*100W
Weight: 18kg
Cell Efficiency: 22.70%
Unfolding Size: 1725x950x35mm
Solar cell: Mono
Warranty: 10year


Sungold first modular, expandable  Custom Solar Panels HP-B-400w, supports various assemblies and expansion to increase power output. The ultra-light and reliable brackets allow it to switch freely from flexible to portable solar panels. The HP-B series can easily apply to gardens, camping, balconies, RV, and other off-grid PV life. A colorful life that takes you to different places.


SUNGOLD – The solar portfolio ensures maximum flexibility to meet all your energy needs.


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Subject: Custom Solar Panels HP-B-4*100W

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