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Effective Guide To Solar Panels For Beginners

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As a beginner, maybe you need a guide to solar panels. The solar panel guide will help you understand all aspects of solar panels.

Guide To Solar Panels work

When light hits a solar photovoltaic panel, an electrical current is generated. These batteries do not require direct sunlight to work, and can even work on cloudy days. However, the stronger the sunlight, the more electricity is generated.

A solar photovoltaic system consists of several panels, each generating about 355W of energy in strong sunlight. Typically, photovoltaic systems contain about 10 panels and generate direct current (DC) electricity.

Since the electricity used by household appliances is alternating current (AC), inverters are installed in the system to convert direct current to alternating current. This electricity can be used throughout your home, or exported to the grid.

The benefits of solar power

First, it can cut your electricity bills. Sunlight is free, and once you cover the upfront cost of your investment, your electricity bill will gradually decrease.

Second, reduce your carbon footprint. Solar energy is a low-carbon, renewable energy source. A typical home solar PV system can save about a ton of carbon per year, depending on where you are.

Guide To Solar Panels

Guide To Solar Panels Installation

Start by calculating the number of solar panels you need. You might install solar panels on the roof. It may also be installed on an RV or yacht. No matter where it is installed, you need to count the number of solar panels.

First calculate the power of all your appliances and multiply by the time to get how many Kwh you need. Then you also need to know the local sunshine hours. If you have a 100W solar panel now, it can output 300-400W of electricity a day. According to this algorithm, you need at least 6 solar panels to output the power you need.

If you want to mount solar panels on a roof, you need a south facing roof. Ideally, you want a south or southwest facing roof. With the latest technology, most homes can benefit from solar photovoltaic power generation.

You can also install solar panels in the yard if the roof is not facing south. You can use some brackets to hold the solar panels up. This way, you can better install the solar panels according to the angle of the sun’s rays.

You can browse the price of solar panels through the online store, consult a merchant or a solar professional, and find the most suitable solar solution for you. If you want to invest in solar panels, Sungold solar is a solar panel manufacturer that has been developing for more than ten years. It can be your partner.


Hope this guide to solar panels in this article can help you. Solar panels are a very environmentally friendly investment project, which can not only reduce grid costs, but also alleviate the energy crisis to a certain extent.


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