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How to Choose Portable Solar Panels

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Being able to charge anywhere, anytime sounded almost impossible many years ago. But advances in technology and innovation have made all the impossible possible. With the sun, the energy doesn’t go away. If you are thinking about letting the sun generate electricity for you, then portable solar panels are something you need to know. Finding the best solar charging panels for an off-grid living can be challenging. After reading this article, I’m sure you’ll have an idea.

SPC Solar Panels

How to choose the right solar panel?

There are so many solar panels on the market to choose from that it can be dizzying. For a faster and more straightforward search, you must think ahead about the qualities you need.


People who travel off-grid backpacking, they will be prepared with portable solar panels. This is because solar power is more stable and readily available compared to wind or hydropower. However, considering that you will be taking it with you on your trip, make sure that the solar panel you choose can withstand any environmental conditions.

In addition to external forces, durability is also important. Ideally, it’s best to go with lithium-ion batteries because they have a longer life span and can last about ten years.

Energy Range

The energy range you choose indicates how often you will use the solar panel. If you want to use solar panels as an emergency backup power source in your home, you must calculate the number of watts each unit consumes and get the total watt-hours. Make sure that the energy capacity of the solar panels is balanced with the power output. Otherwise, it may take a while to run individual devices.

But if it’s outdoors, your portable solar panels must have enough battery capacity to last a few days. After all, you may need it to charge your gadgets when you stay outdoors.


While it’s important to check the product itself, it’s still important to see if the solar panel manufacturer’s reputation is well enough known in the marketplace. After all, the better known the brand, the more benefits its products will offer. Check if the solar panel supplier offers a quality warranty for their solar panels ranging from repair coverage to long-term validity.

SPC Solar Panels

Sungold SPC Series Portable Solar Panels

Sungold Solar has 15 years of experience in solar panel manufacturing. The Sungold SPC Series solar panel is the popular solar folding kit style on the market, portable and stylish, with a stand for easy storage in your car. It is a perfect portable solar system. Where there is strong sunlight, there is electricity to power your equipment.


The SPC series solar panel is designed to be foldable, compact, lightweight, and easy to carry with one hand. This portable solar panel is perfect for use in an RV or camping.

Multi-device charging

Sungold offers you a diverse range of accessories, or accessories you want, to meet your different charging needs for all types of devices. This SPC series solar panel is also equipped with multiple charging ports. You can charge multiple devices at the same time.

Adaptable to the portable power station

The SPC Series portable solar panels are plug-and-play and designed with universal plugs to meet a wide range of portable power station specifications. The solar panels are compatible with Jackery/Ecoflow/Anker/Rockpals/Blutti power stations.

Easy to install

The SPC series solar panel is easy to install and can be easily placed on the ground by opening the bracket. It also comes with metal reinforced hook holes for hanging on vehicles, tents, etc. for charging. It does not take up extra space.


The SPC series portable solar panel is made of ETFE surface material, which has a beautiful and stylish surface. The solar panel is durable and long-lasting. The synthetic stitching process extends the life of the portable solar panel. It is the best solution for outdoor off-grid.

Sungold is committed to providing quality products that are available anywhere, anytime, just to bring the ultimate product experience to users.



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