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Best Lightweight Solar Panels: What You Need to Know

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We have grown accustomed to continuous advancements in solar technology. Lightweight Solar Panels, like computer chips, tend to increase power and efficiency while decreasing costs. As market demand rises, this cycle will continue.

However, when it comes to solar panels for outdoor use, the shape (size and weight) of the panels remains relatively consistent despite technological advancements.

However, this is about to change with the introduction of lightweight solar panels.

Lightweight Solar Panels are what they sound like

Silicon Solar Cells Lightweight solar cells are made from silicon wafers that have been sliced a few microns wide (compared to the 200 microns wide of standard monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar panels).

These panels are not only lighter than standard panels, but they also provide more flexibility, which is why they are also known as flexible solar panels.

Lightweight solar panels have several advantages

Lightweight Solar Panels

These are some examples:

1. Resolve structural issues
If the weight of standard solar panels and installation infrastructure is too much for a car roof, boat roof, or tent, lightweight solar panels are an excellent alternative.

2. Additional installation options
Lightweight flexible solar panels can also provide additional mounting options on non-traditional surfaces, such as carports or sheds, due to their lower weight and flexible panels.

3. Quicker installation
Lightweight flexible solar panels are easier to transport, move, and install because they require fewer fixings for any given structure. This means that the installation can be completed more quickly, saving money on the installation process.

Can you buy or sell lightweight solar panels in bulk?

At SUNGOLD Solar, lightweight solar panels can be used in a variety of applications.

Options for RV, boat and camping use include:

SUNGOLD Lightweight Solar Panels Advantage:  a new, ultra-light, glass-free solar technology that provides durability and robustness while being 70% lighter and 95% thinner than standard rigid solar panels.

In addition, the panels significantly reduce on-site installation time. More information is available here.

SUNGOLD Flexible Solar Panels: SUNGOLD offers a variety of lightweight, flexible solar panels that are 10 times lighter than standard solar panels while producing the same amount of electricity. Because polymers are used in the manufacturing process, the panels are also very thin (less than 3mm thick) and bendable.

SUNGOLD offers a variety of portable off-grid solar solutions, including remote power generation, vehicles, boats, and camping.


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