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What You Should Prepare: Camping in Truck Canopy

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Truck camping will bring a whole new experience of outdoor adventure for the truck cab camper, before that you need to understand how to camping in truck canopy, and the configuration, which will be an important influence on your outdoor camping.

In this article, we’ll cover what is camping in truck canopy, what you need to prepare for camping in truck, how to camping in truck canopy, and some considerations.

What is Camping in Truck Canopy?

Camping in truck canopy is installing beds, storage space, kitchen facilities, seating, and other equipment in the back or side of the truck to fulfill their basic living needs during camping.

Some people also install RV solar panels, water storage units, and battery packs on their trucks for a self-sufficient energy supply.

truck camping


Why Choose Camping in Truck Canopy

It’s easy to see why camping in truck canopy will be a great option as long as you own a truck or SUV, and it can help you explore more places that are hard to get to with a traditional campervan at a relatively low cost. Of course, you can decide on the type of camping that suits you better based on your personal preferences and needs.

AspectsCamping in Truck CanopyTraditional Camping
Accommodations and amenitiesSetting up sleeping areas and living space inside the truck or SUV is convenient and quickMay require setting up a tent, setting up a camping trailer, or using a tent, which is more time-consuming
Comfort and amenitiesAmenities may be limited, with less space, and may lack amenities such as individual restrooms, showers, etc.May bring own additional equipment and amenities for increased comfort
Flexibility and locationCan camp further away and in more secluded locations for greater flexibilityUsually requires a designated camping site or camping ground
Equipment and costRequires the purchase of a truck or SUV suitable for camping, which may need to be modified, at a lower costRequires some basic camping gear, relatively low-cost

truck camping

Camping in Truck Canopy Essential Gears

What essentials and setups do campers need for camping in a truck canopy?

First and foremost is the most important sleeping gear, a perfect night’s sleep is essential when you are tired from your outdoor adventures. So a sleeping bag or mattress is a must, and we recommend that you choose an inflatable mattress as it saves a lot of space.

Then there is the general camping equipment, the necessities needed for camping, and so on. In addition to these common equipment and necessities when truck camping, make appropriate adjustments and additions according to your actual needs and the characteristics of the camping site.

When preparing your gear, please consider the weather conditions, seasons, camping locations, and your personal preferences to ensure that you can have an enjoyable truck camping experience.

We have prepared a truck bed camping setup list for you:

  • Sleeping equipment: Truck bed camping sleeping bags or sleeping bag liners, cushions or inflatable mattresses, pillows
  • Amenities: Folding chairs or camping seats, folding tables or camping tables, Bluetooth speakers or music devices, moisture mats or tent groundsheets
  • Cooking and Dining: Portable stoves or camping stoves, cooking utensils (pots, pans, spatulas, frying pans, etc.), tableware (plates, bowls, cups, cutlery), knives and cutting boards, refrigeration tools
  • Cleaning and sanitation: Hand sanitizer or wipes, trash bags and cans, toilet paper and wipes, laundry supplies, and sponges
  • Safety equipment: Flashlights or headlamps (with extra batteries), first aid kits and basic medicines, hand inflator pumps, multi-purpose tools or Swiss army knives, matches, lighters, or fire starters
  • Navigation and communication: Maps and guidebooks, GPS devices or navigation apps, cell phones, and spare charging devices
  • Cold and rain protection: Jacket, windbreaker and waterproof shoes, rain cover or plastic tent sheet, windproof hat, gloves, and scarf

Camping in truck canopy essentials and gears list

Camping in truck canopy essentials and gears list

Camping in Truck Canopy Power Equipment

Some camping gears may need to be recharged, and some truck campers install solar panels, water storage, and battery packs on their trucks for a self-sufficient energy supply. Compared to traditional fuel or fuel generator power, solar power is much greener and less likely to emit fumes or odors, making it more suitable for truck camping.

Solar panels + power station is the most suitable power combination for camping in truck canopy.

Solar panels from sungold solar are more flexible, suitable for the shape of the roof, and can be glued to the roof without worrying about breakage.

Rigid solar panels are more mature and stable, so you can use them with more confidence. Solar panels not only bring power to your truck camping life but also make your truck camping life more environmentally friendly. Solar panels are a must-have for truck campers.
Camping in Truck Canopy Power Equipment

How to Camping in Truck Canopy

How to do truck camping? With the above-mentioned camping gear, you need to prepare a suitable SUV or truck to choose a suitable campsite you are ready to go. Simplicity and preparedness are the keys to successful truck camping.

truck camping

Considerations of Camping in Truck Canopy

Truck is about maintaining a cautious and responsible attitude and being fully prepared to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. Always consult a professional or experienced camper if needed. Here are some do’s and don’ts of truck camping:

Plan your route and destination

Plan your route and destination ahead of time, knowing the road conditions, weather forecast, and attractions along the way. Make sure your truck can handle different types of roads and terrain.

Check the condition of your truck

Thoroughly check the mechanical condition of your truck before you leave, including the engine, brakes, tires, and lighting. Make sure all equipment is functioning properly to minimize surprises on the road.

Campsite Selection

Choose the right campground and make sure there is enough room to park your truck. Check campground regulations to find out if reservations are required and if truck camping is allowed.

Water and power

Bring enough drinking water and make sure you know where you can access water sources near the campground. If power is needed, verify the status of your truck’s battery and bring charging equipment – solar panels are great.


Know the weather forecast for your destination and prepare accordingly, including dressing and bringing appropriate clothing.

Other Camping Methods Recommendation

Backpacking: Backpacking is a popular way of camping where you pack all your gear into a backpack and hike to your camping site. This is ideal for people who enjoy hiking and outdoor adventures.
Canoe Camping: If you enjoy water activities, consider canoe camping. You can paddle to a remote island or lake and camp there.
Bike Camping: Bike camping is a combination of biking and camping. You can choose to traverse mountains, ride along rivers, or explore new places along bike trails.


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