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Sungold SGP series rigid solar panels, use the sun to charge!

Rigid solar panel - SGP Series

Sungold SGP series rigid glass solar panel uses high-efficiency solar cells with a conversion efficiency of up to 23%, which is very suitable for outdoor life and can meet all your needs even in unexpected power outages.

Easy to install and stable output

Easy to install and stable output

High efficiency

High efficiency

Long service life

Long service life

Strong impact resistance 3

Strong impact resistance

Product Description

Sungold SGP series pv solar panel has many high-quality features, long service life, easy installation, and can provide high-intensity power at the same time.

SGP series

SGP series solar panels for rv roof have a variety of specifications, standard rigid solar panels are designed and manufactured, and aluminum alloy frames are used to ensure that the products have good corrosion resistance and aging resistance. SGP series rigid solar panels are stable and mature as a whole and are the product series that customers are most familiar with.


  • Stable output

The manufacturing process of SGP series rigid solar panels is mature. The overall product has been on the market for many years and has been tested by the environment for a long time. It is the most stable product.

  • Easy to use and simple to install

The supporting equipment related to Sungold SGP series rigid solar panels is very mature, and the installation and use are relatively simple.

  • Not easy to damage

The panel kit is encapsulated with tempered glass and high-quality materials to ensure a long service life, while good protection can also ensure stable output.

  • No worries after the sale

SGP series solar glass panels have a long life due to their strong and durable characteristics and enjoy a long ten-year warranty.

Product Specifications

Product SGP 50W SGP 80W SGP 320W
Maximum Power/Pmax(Wp)50W80W320W
Cell Efficiency0.190.190.19
Operating Voltage/Vmp(V)18.7018.7037.20
Operating Current/Imp(A)2.674.288.60
Open Circuit Voltage/Voc(V)22.0022.0043.80
Short Circuit Current/Isc(A)2.834.539.12
Solar cellspolypolypoly
The maximum system voltage600V DC(IEC)600V DC(IEC)600V DC(IEC)
Warranty10 years10 years10 years


Sungold SGP series rigid poly solar panel can be used in boats, RVs, caravans, camping, narrow boats, yachts, and other scenarios. Sungold Solar is the first brand of off-grid solar products and a professional solar panel manufacturing company.


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