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How do solar module on balconies provide electricity?

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SUNGOLD turns sunlight into electricity. This ultra-lightweight high efficiency solar module is ideal for small spaces like balconies and terraces. Hang SUNGOLD onto railings or walls and generate your own power from sunlight quickly and easily.


Solar Module Advantages

SUNGOLD is very easy to install and generates your own electricity in just a few moments. SUNGOLD is 80% lighter compared to a conventional solar module and is hung up using eyelets.

Installing solar panels on the balcony can be done on one’s own. It doesn’t require any help from solar installers.As a safety measure, it would be ideal to have a custom-made supporting structure in the balcony to securely lock the panels in place.This system is simple because it is not tied to the  electrical grid.

The size of the balcony determines the size and number of panels. The larger the panel, the lower the price per watt is.

The specially structured surface of SUNGOLD catches the light even better instead of reflecting it. With all this efficiency SUNGOLD generates a lot of electricity with little space.

Solar Module Disadvantages

With clouds, there will be a decrease of 20-30% in electricity production.As the sun continuously moves across the sky, the optimal tilt angle will last not more than 1–2 hours per day. A real 100W output from a 100-watt panel is rarely produced.

How much one can power from a balcony depends on their location and the amount of sunlight their balcony gets.


Solar PV produces energy. An inverter with 22–60V input voltage would be ideal to connect two panels in series. Microinverter also can use instead of regular inverters.There should be a means to store that energy as direct current. Inverter converts DC to AC. A battery, which stores energy, should also be connected to the system. A solar panel charge controller is required for any solar panel array rated 12-Watts or higher.


Solar power saves on the energy bill

The electricity from SUNGOLD mixes with the electricity from the public grid. Electricity always takes the shortest path. The electricity flows directly to the devices plugged in at home. Now you need less power from the public grid. With SUNGOLD you save energy costs and generate your own power.


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