How Many Solar Panels Are Needed to Run An RV?

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What do RV stand for?R for Recreational, V for Vehicle. RV is a vehicle that can provide a comfortable living space for road trips or off-grid living.

Comfortable living is not possible without common household appliances, which often consume a lot of electricity, making solar power an ideal source of electricity for RV owners.

How many solar panels are needed to run an RV? In this video we will provide you with a complete and professional guide from the following aspects:

  • RV Size
  • Solar RV Setup
  • Energy Requirements
  • Solar Panel Power

How many solar panels are needed to run an RV?

Consider the size and type of your RV

RVs can be divided into two main categories: self-propelled and towed.

Self-propelled RVs are vehicles that have a cab and living quarters inside the body, and trailer RVs are vehicles that need to be towed by another vehicle.

Self-propelled RVs can be categorized into Model A, B, and C. Towed RVs can be categorized into Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheel Trailers.

Type of RV Description Characteristics
Model A RV The largest self-propelled RV, luxurious facilities and space, high fuel consumption, and expensive price.
  • Spacious, Luxurious
  • High Fuel Consumption
  • Expensive
Model B RV The smallest self-propelled RV, usually a converted van or bus, is easy to drive and park, with limited space, and simple facilities.
  • Compact
  • Easy to Drive
  • Limited Space
  • Simple Facilities
Model C RV Self-propelled RV between Type A and Type B, compartment above the cab for extra space, moderate amenities and space, moderate price.
  • Moderate Size
  • Compartment Above Cab
  • Moderate Amenities
  • Moderate Price
Travel Trailers The most common type of towable RV, with various sizes and shapes, comfortable living space, and amenities, requires a suitable towing vehicle.
  • Versatile Sizes
  • Comfortable Living Space
  • Requires Towing Vehicle
Fifth Wheel Trailer A special type of travel trailer, attached to the rear compartment of the towing vehicle, larger, more stable, more luxurious, heavier, and more expensive, requires a specialized towing vehicle.
  • Attached to the Rear Compartment
  • Larger & Heavy & Stable
  • Luxurious & Expensive
  • Requires Specialized Towing Vehicle

Plan Your RV Solar Setup

Depending on your RV set up plans, RV size and dimensions, equipment, power usage, budget, etc., to build a solar system plan.

Here are some of the components that are essential to get your system up and running.

Solar panels

Best RV solar kits are usually roof-mounted solar panels for RV that collect solar energy and convert it into electricity. Depending on the space, shape, and material of your RV’s roof, there are different types of solar panels available, such as rigid, flexible, or foldable. Pros are fixed mounted, so they can absorb sunlight to recharge your RV even when traveling on the highway.

Suppose you want to install solar panels for an existing RV solar system. In that case, you can choose portable solar panels for RV, which are usually lightweight foldable solar panels, pros are no need to change the existing wiring, and installation is relatively simple.

Charge Controller

Can control the current and voltage between the solar panels and the battery equipment, the role is to improve the charging efficiency of the battery, prevent overcharging or over discharging, can extend the life of the RV battery.


Stores the electricity generated by the solar panels and supplies it to the equipment on the RV when needed. 48v and 24v are the main types of batteries on the market, and the battery types are lead-acid, lithium iron phosphate, and nickel-metal hydride.


It can convert the DC power output from the battery pack to AC power, after installing it you will be able to use some household appliances that need AC power on the RV, such as TV, microwave, hair dryer, etc. If you only use lights, fans, refrigerators, and other DC appliances, you don’t need to consider this part and can save this money.

How many solar panels are needed to run an RV?

Define your Energy Requirements

The energy requirement of RV depends on the type of RV, size, equipment, season, climate, location, activity, etc. Calculation of the energy requirement of RV takes into account the parameters such as voltage, current, power, power factor of RV, and the type of energy source of RV such as battery, generator, solar, or gas.

The electrical requirements for different sizes and types of RVs are roughly as follows:

RV Type Power Requirement Outlet Amps Generator Capacity Battery Capacity
Class A RV 3,000-5,000 watts 30-50 amps 4,000-10,000 watts 200-400 amp-hours
Class B RV 1,000-2,000 watts 15-20 amps 2,000-3,000 watts 100-200 amp-hours
Class C RV 2,000-4,000 watts 20-30 amps 3,000-6,000 watts 150-300 amp-hours
Travel Trailer 1,000-3,000 watts 15-30 amps No built-in generator 100-200 amp-hours
Fifth Wheel Trailer 2,000-4,000 watts 20-50 amps 3,000-6,000 watts 150-300 amp-hours

How many solar panels are needed to run an RV?

Solar Panel Power

Let’s assume that the solar panels have an efficiency of 20%, an area of 1 square meter, an optimal orientation and angle, and an operating time of 5.5 hours.

If you want to do the math yourself you can follow this formula:

The number of solar panels required for RV = RV energy demand / power / power generation hours

For example:

If you have one of the most common travel trailers, your energy needs for the day are about 2.4KW,

the number of solar panels you need is then:

100 Watt solar panel:

Generates 550 watt-hours of electricity per day.

2400 / 550 ≈ 4.36,

so you will need approximately 4 solar panels.

200 Watt solar panel:

Generate 1,100 Watt-hours per day.

2400 / 1,100 ≈ 2.18, so you will need approximately 2 panels.

400 Watt solar panel:

Generate 2,200 Watt-hours per day.

2400 / 2,200 ≈ 1.09, so you will need approximately 1 panel.

To summarize:

  • For a 100 Watt panel, approximately 4 panels are needed to run an RV
  • For a 200 Watt panel, approximately 2 panels are needed to run an RV.
  • For a 400 Watt panel, approximately 1 panel are needed to run an RV.

But this can only make a rough estimate, the specific use and installation also need to consider the caravan system size, voltage, controller efficiency, the number of inverters and other factors, please consult a professional solar panel manufacturer.

Final Result

So, How many solar panels are needed to run an RV?

A RV will need about 4*100 watt solar panels panels or 2 *200w solar panels and 1 *400w solar panel to meet the RV’s electricity needs for a day.


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