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Solar Solution for Your Apartment:Balcony Solar Panel

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What is your first thought when it comes to investing in solar energy?

Probably bulky, traditional solar panels that need to be used for a long time and need to be seriously considered for installation on the roof. Many flat dwellers rarely consider solar investments, either because of the long-term return on investment in a solar system, or because of the lack of space available for flat installation.

Sungold‘s balcony solar panels are a great solar solution for your apartment. traditional solar installations require a large budget and a private roof. One can overcome these difficulties by installing solar panels on windowsills and balconies. In this article, we will introduce the balcony solar panels for you, take Sungold as an example.

balcony solar panels

What is a balcony solar system?


A balcony solar system is a solar panel system that is designed to be installed on balconies or other outdoor spaces that receive direct sunlight.

A  balcony solar system consists of one or two solar panels. When the sun shines on the modules, a direct current is generated. The system converts this into mains electricity, which then flows into the electrical circuit of your house or apartment.

Sungold Solar has a breakthrough module, lightweight stained glass solar panels for apartments. Even if you don’t have a roof or enough installation space, you can still enjoy clean and green solar energy. Vertical mounting takes up little space; is easy to install, and remove; and is simple to connect.

Space saving: solar panels for apartments can be installed in limited areas such as balconies or terraces, requiring less installation space.

Cost-effective: apartment solar systems are smaller, simpler to build, and relatively more cost-effective.

Independent power supply: Reduces dependence on the public power supply by generating your electricity at home.

balcony solar panels
Where can solar panels be placed?


You can place solar panels on apartment buildings in any suitable, hallowed spot. These could be the roof, balcony floor, balcony railings, window sills, and banisters. If you have a south-facing balcony, it would be an ideal location for solar panels as it would receive the most sunlight throughout the day.

Sungold’s balcony solar panels come complete with brackets and ties, so you can either mount them on the balcony railing or prop them up and place them on the balcony floor. For renters, this saves you from having to change the type of balcony and not being able to continue using it, or you can take it out into the garden or outdoors.

balcony solar panels
Are balcony solar panels worth it?



The balcony solar system is lighter and easier to install than conventional solar systems and does not require much space for installation.

Balcony solar panels are worth it if you have the right intentions. For a battery-charging array (even a small one like this one), it’s absolutely worth the cost

If you happen to live in an area with an abundance of sunlight but you find yourself living on a property that doesn’t support traditional solar panel systems, balcony panels are definitely worth considering. With energy prices rising and the need to be more sustainable constantly growing, a balcony solar panel system is a worthy investment

Although you could install solar panels on a covered balcony, it wouldn’t really be worth it. They’d still capture energy, as they do when it’s cloudy, but you could expect a massive reduction in efficiency. Ideally, you’ll want a south-facing open balcony.

balcony solar panels

How do balcony solar panels work with micro-inverters?


Balcony solar panels are typically installed with micro-inverters that allow each panel to create individual power. Micro-inverters are inverters installed right at the individual solar panel site, which differentiates them from centralized string inverters (where there’s typically one inverter for the whole solar system). Most solar panel systems with micro-inverters include one micro-inverter at every panel.

How do balcony solar panels work with micro-inverters? Take the Sungold balcony solar panel as an example:

375W rigid solar panel + 300W micro-inverter
750W (2x375w) rigid solar panel + 600W micro-inverter
400W (2x200W) flexible solar panels + 300W micro-inverter
800W (4x200W) flexible solar panels + 600W micro-inverter

balcony solar panels
How to install balcony solar panels?


Here are the steps to install Sungold balcony solar panels:

1. Install balcony solar panels on the railings and tighten the screws to secure them
2. Connect the wiring from the panels to the micro-inverter
3. Connect the micro-inverter to the socket on the balcony with the power cable and connect it to the grid for use
4. Upon installation, your home equipment will be the first to consume solar energy on sunny days

If you are interested in learning more about solar panels for balconies you can consult Sungold or visit our website to find the right solar panel for you.


If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.

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