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More power with Sungold Hi-power 400W Portable Solar Panel

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Review Solar generators have become very popular over the past few years. This was followed by the popularity of solar panels. Efficiency has increased, providing more availability and applications for the use of solar generators. Gave me the chance to check out the Sungold Hi-power 400W Portable Solar Panel, read on to find out why it impressed me.

Sungold Hi-power 400W Portable Solar Panel is a portable folding solar panel with 4-cell solar panels and an efficiency rating of 22%.


Design and Features

Using shingled cell welding technology to achieve zero cell spacing, the appearance is very unique; at the same time, its compact design saves space, so when you are ready to start your next outdoor trip, you only need to fold the panel and carry it easily.

Sungold Hi-power 400W Portable Solar Panel provides 36.5V power for solar generator. This higher output reduces charging time. Even on cloudy days, advanced shingled monocrystalline solar modules convert up to 22 percent of sunlight into usable electricity. When I first got them,  I couldn’t wait to see what would happen on a cloudy day, so I opened them up, put my meter on them, and was shocked to find that they put out 60 volts on a cloudy day.

400W Portable Solar Panel
400W Portable Solar Panel

The IP67 waterproof rating is a bonus, protecting it from scratches, dust, and water splashes. There is no doubt that anything used outdoors will eventually encounter sticks, raindrops or sprinklers.

The Sungold Hi-power 400W portable solar panel measures 2362*900*25mm when unfolded and 900*590*50mm when folded. It weighs 12.6kg, which I didn’t expect. However, solar panels are what they are, and you’ll see only slight differences in weight between comparable surface areas.

Using the standard MC-4 output, Sungold Hi-power 400W portable solar panel can provide a maximum current of 10.96A. Sungold Hi-power 400W Portable Solar Panel comes with 2 MC-4 cables.

The adjustable stand can be adjusted over 25°, making it easier to get the perfect charging angle. A built-in handle makes for easy portability, and a pocket holds the included cable, plus room for an extension cord if you have one.

Roomy pockets are big enough to store extra stuff.

In my use, I got 335W on a cloudy day and 385W on a semi-clear day (though I didn’t get a picture of that). It far exceeded my expectations given the temperature and sunlight.

This is a very simple product. It works just like it should. There are even small loops for hanging or securing the panels in the wind.

Portable Solar Panel
Portable Solar Panel


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