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Sungold Solar Winter Joins Hands with Elderly Center to Build a Warm Home

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In the dawn of one of the Chinese 24 solar terms, Lesser Cold, the sky of Shenzhen was slightly bright, revealing a slight coolness although it is one of the southernmost cities in China.

The General Manager of Sungold Solar, Ms. Wang, personally led many colleagues to drive to a familiar and cozy place. This is the fifth time in the past three years that the Sungold team has set foot in the door of an elderly home once again full of care, injecting a special warmth into this season.

Sungold Solar
Ms. Wang talked with the elderly

Warm Interaction: Sungold team stepped into the elderly home, talked with the elderly, and shared their life moments. The team comprised various department colleagues, showing their passion for public welfare. This activity is a simple interaction and a warm interaction with the company’s social responsibility mission while constantly emphasizing the deep emotional connection between people.

Care for the Elderly: More than just verbal greetings, Sungold prepared a batch of winter goods, food, and daily necessities for the elderly, conveying deep care and respect for them. These supplies are not only practical goods but also warm care for the elderly life, Sungold hopes to bring warmth to the elderly through the gathering of a spark.

Sungold’s Staff: The general manager and the staff of Sungold actively participated in the activity and brought songs and smiles to the old people. Their care and companionship not only made the elderly feel warmth and vitality in the cold winter but also became a warm landscape in their hearts.

Social Responsibility: This activity is not only seasonal care but also a concrete embodiment of the company’s social responsibility, Sungold continues to pay attention to social needs at all levels of society and is committed to creating more warmth and hope.

Sungold Solar
Supplies for the elderly

Elderly people in the home expressed their gratitude to Sungold Solar. One of the old people said excitedly, “Ms. Wang is our old friend, she often leads Sungold’s staff to bring us warmth and accompany us, thank you very much to her as well as other young people, thank you.” And Ms. Wang said that this is exactly what Sungold has been pursuing, to give back to the society what the society has given us.


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