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What Are Flexible Solar Panels Used For?

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Since flexible solar panels are thinner and less efficient, you will need more of those to generate the same amount of one’s that less mono or poly panels could.

Considering that they’re also quite low-cost, all of these factors cause them to become better-suited for considerable installations, like a commercial solar range in a field or over facilities. With that said, you’re probably here looking for the practical uses of flexible panels for your on-the-go needs – like while camping or out there on a ship.

They will come in many sizes and shapes, and can work to both flat or curled surfaces. Flexible solar panel systems give you the flexibility (see whatever we performed there? ) to use solar power anywhere you need it.

Actually you can buy flexible solar panel systems that are small enough to strength your phone or big enough to turns out on top of your RV, acting as a generator to charge your 12 volts RV battery.

Since you generally use flexible panels for external use and charging things with low-wattage needs (such the aforementioned 12 volts battery or your phone charger), you only need one panel. If you require more than one, then you are considering a traditional (rigid) panel task and should talk to a sun installer.


The particular biggest benefit of versatile solar panels, and why they are made in primely, is their movability. Bring it on your boat, Recreational vehicle,, in your walking backpack, and anywhere you want electricity.


Flexible sun panels are made to handle stress to be carried, shifted in regards to lot, or included with the outside of an RV. They will are able to withstand potential harm due to being dropped, rolled upwards, and adopted or down to be moved to a new place.

Inflexible solar panels, one the other aspect of the gold coin hand, are built to face upwards to the elements nevertheless they aren’t durable in the same way flexible solar panels are, at then you can’t roll-up a rigid -panel and carry it around in your backpack for a hike.


Just what makes flexible solar panels so portable, apart from the versatility, is their light weight. Since there are not many layers of a glass, metal, and bigger silicon cells, versatile panels only think about about four to 10 pounds

An ordinary mono or poly solar panel is made up of silicon wafers. That they are typically way up to 200 micrometers thick, which is slightly thicker than a human frizzy hair.

In order to make a adaptable solar cell, those is wafers must be sliced down to merely a few micrometers wide. Providing a few ultra-thin is wafers gives solar energy panels many unique properties, including overall flexibility for some models.

Flexible solar systems crafted from ultra-thin is cells have recently been around for a while. Lately, research at the Ma Institute of Technological innovation has cede in favor of innovations in organic and natural solar energy cells.

Instead of using silicon as the basis for solar cells, research workers have found a way to use organic and natural materials with electrodes of graphene.

Until now, a limiting factor on panel overall flexibility has been the brittleness of typical electrodes, but due to graphene’s transparent and versatile nature, this method may result in thin, more flexible, and even more stable solar systems down the road than what we can at the moment make.


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