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Why choose portable solar panels? Consider these 5 points

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Reasons for choosing portable solar panels

Easy to carry: Portable solar panels are usually lighter and easier to carry than traditional solar panels. They can be folded and come with a stand, making them easy to carry to outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, wilderness survival, etc.

Environmental protection and energy saving: Solar energy is a clean, renewable energy source, and using solar panels can reduce dependence on traditional fossil energy sources and reduce the emission of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, which is beneficial to the environment.

Independent self-sufficiency: Using portable solar panels allows you to self-supply energy independently without relying on external power sources. This is useful for outdoor activities or emergencies where electricity is needed.

Multiple uses: Portable solar panels can not only charge small electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, and cameras, but can also provide power for lamps, small appliances, and other devices. Thus, portable solar panels can be used in many different situations and are very practical.

High-quality warranty: Portable solar panels with excellent after-sales service

Sungold Portable Solar Panels Product WarrantyService Life
Hi-Power series folding solar panel5 years for modules

Accessories 1 year

10 years
SPC series portable solar charging bag1 year5 years
Winner bag series portable solar panel1 year8 years
BXF series all-in-one solar panel1 year5 years

The following types of portable solar panels are available

Folding solar panels: This type of solar panel usually consists of multiple foldable panels that are easy to carry and store. Folding solar panels can be unfolded as many panels as needed to suit different environments and lighting conditions.

Solar panels with brackets: This type of solar panel usually has a bracket or support structure that can be fixed to the ground or other support. Solar panels with stands are usually larger than folding or rolled solar panels and can provide greater output power.

portable solar panels

Installation of portable solar panels

The installation and use of portable solar panels vary by brand and model, but in general, the following steps apply to most portable solar panels.

  1. Unfold the solar panel: open the solar panel and unfold it to the maximum area of the charging area.
  2. Place the solar panel: Place the solar panel on a flat surface in direct sunlight. The charging effect of the solar panel will be affected by shadows and shades, so it is best to place it in a location that avoids shading.
  3. Connect the device: Connect the device that needs to be charged to the charging port of the solar panel. Most solar panels come with a USB port, so you can directly connect to a USB charging device.
  4. Wait for charging: The solar panel starts to receive sunlight energy and converts it into electricity to charge the device. Charging time depends on the power of the solar panel and the power of the device, and usually takes some time.
  5. Close the solar panel: After charging is complete, the solar panel will be closed, and remove the device.

It should be noted that when using the portable solar panel, you should avoid using it on rainy or cloudy days to avoid affecting the charging effect. You should also avoid prolonged direct exposure to the sun to avoid affecting the life of the solar panel.

The price of portable solar panels

The price of portable solar panels also varies depending on factors such as brand, power, material, and function, with prices ranging from tens to thousands of dollars. Some of the common portable solar panels on the market are listed below, with their price range and key features.

Simple models of portable solar panels: the power is generally below 5W, and the price is in the tens of dollars to about a hundred dollars. Typically made of polymer, lightweight and easy to carry, suitable for lightweight outdoor activities.

Folding portable solar panels: power is generally between 10W to 20W, and the price is in the hundreds of dollars to about a thousand dollars. Using high-efficiency silicon crystal solar panels can be folded into a portable size, suitable for camping, tourism, and other outdoor activities.

High-power portable solar panels: power is generally above 50W, with prices around several thousand dollars. The use of high-efficiency silicon crystal solar panels can output high-power current and can provide powerful support for mobile offices, campers, etc.

Solar rechargeable treasure: power is generally below 5W, and the price is around hundreds to thousands of dollars. Combines the functions of a rechargeable battery and a solar panel, which can be charged either by USB or by solar power. Suitable for daily use and light outdoor activities.

It is important to note that the price of portable solar panels is also related to factors such as after-sales service. You should choose the right product for you according to your personal needs and budget before purchasing.

portable solar panels

Portable solar panels are suitable for various outdoor and indoor scenarios

  1. Outdoor camping: Camping is one of the most common application scenarios for portable solar panels. During camping, solar panels can charge various devices inside the camping tent, such as cell phones, lamps, sweeping robots, etc., making camping life more convenient.
  2. Traveling by car: Portable solar panels can provide powerful support for self-driving cars, campers, etc., and charge car equipment, such as car refrigerators, car air conditioners, electric batteries, etc.
  3. Long-distance hiking: For long-distance hikers, lightweight solar panels can charge their rechargeable batteries, smartwatches, and other small devices for easy use.
  4. Emergency backup power: Portable solar panels can be used as an emergency backup power source to provide power support for cell phones, radios, lighting, etc. in emergencies such as power outages.
  5. Indoor use: In indoor environments without power outlets, portable solar panels can charge a variety of small devices, such as wireless headphones, digital cameras, etc.
  6. Commercial use: Portable solar panels can also be applied to outdoor exhibitions, field shooting, mining, and other commercial scenarios to provide powerful support for mobile offices and fieldwork.

In short, choosing portable solar panels is very wise. It is worth your use as well as investment.


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