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2022’s Best Monocrystalline Flexible Solar Panels-Sungold

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Traditional solar panels are different from Sungold Solar monocrystalline flexible solar panels. Because of their exceptionally durable polymer substance, flexible panels are thinner and lighter.

Flexible solar panels that mount flush on uneven surfaces generate power while keeping the lines of your RV, boat, or van clean!

Why are monocrystalline flexible solar panels required?

Its adaptable design fits almost any surface and board and is simple to install.

Compared to standard inflexible solar modules, the thin and light form gives a more aesthetically pleasing and low aerodynamic profile.

Solar panels are long-lasting and give a long-term answer to your solar energy requirements.

150 watt solar panel

Introduction——150-watt LEE series semi-flexible solar panels

Sungold’s 150-watt LEE series semi-flexible solar panels are quickly becoming our most popular solar panel to date, thanks to a new pioneering material composition (aluminum ETFE) and high-efficiency single cells from China.

Unlike other flexible solar panels, our LEE series uses the same monocrystalline solar cells as our professional-grade rigid solar panels.

This implies that, in addition to its maximum flexibility of 30 degrees, the LEE series continues to be the most efficient panel on the market, with the smallest surface area per watt.

This innovative panel is versatile and may be fitted in practically any place.

– Bond directly to the surface

– No brackets, no drilling required

– Solar power where you need it most

The LEE series solar cells offer the best efficiency in the world at 22.7%, allowing you to get the most power in the smallest area.

Unfortunately, they are half the size of typical solar panels.

However, these panels are more efficient than normal products due to a proprietary back-contact design, offering you more power in low-light settings all year.


Sungold Solar monocrystalline flexible solar panels are perfect for sailboats and narrow boats. This panel is the future of solar for RVs and more!

Sungold is the best partner to wholesale solar panels in bulk.


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