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Does this balcony solar module make sense for all homes?

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Balcony solar module power generation system, including solar cell components installed on the balcony wall, control and inverter integrated machine, and battery, wherein the output end of the solar cell component is connected to the control and inverter integrated machine, and the control and inverter integrated machine is connected to the battery, the control and inverter integrated machine has an AC output terminal and a DC output terminal.

Solar balcony solutions.
Solar balcony solutions.

Structurally integrated with the building of the photovoltaic balconies, it is possible to create glass, which, in addition to being an aesthetic and functional novelty, generates electricity, allowing electric ranges with consequent energy-saving surfaces.

The installation structure is made of aluminum alloy and 304 stainless steel, and the metal surface is treated with anodized layers of different thicknesses, which have excellent corrosion resistance and durability. It is suitable for use in coastal areas and many other harsh environments that are more susceptible to corrosion. The structure is adjustable for different types of common balconies with metal parapets.

Sungold tailors the customer’s needs and incorporates the aesthetic possibilities of designing solar-installation solutions for buildings.

Sungold solar’s photovoltaic balconies can be installed on flat roofs, replacing traditional materials. Ideal for use in urban environments, maintaining aesthetics and respecting the historical values ​​of the environment. Meeting all safety requirements, not only being flexible but also double insulated and UV resistant for high, long durability by elements that do not have to degrade in weather and/or environmental conditions, are suitable for outdoor applications.

balcony solar module
balcony solar module

Now, Germany is beginning to promote this balcony solar module. It is easy to install, does not affect the original structure of the building, can bring clean energy to residents, and is cheap. You can install this solar power module on your balcony for as low as 350 euros.

This kind of module is suitable for almost all types of balconies, and it is not permanently installed and can be removed at any time. The only installation requirement is that it must be firm to prevent accidental injury to pedestrians after falling.


Does this balcony solar module make sense for all homes?

Solar modules should be exposed to the hot sun for at least a few hours a day. If your house cannot be exposed to the sun for a long time, it is obviously not worth installing this kind of module. Of course, solar cells can generate electricity as long as there is light, even in the shade. , but that’s very inefficient, and about half of the world’s solar power comes from direct sunlight.

How to use the electricity generated by this module?

This solar module is equipped with a special inverter, which converts the direct current generated by the module into 230V alternating current. After adding a voltage stabilizer, it can be directly used by the family. The regulated current enters the circuit through a special plug and socket- –The solar panel output circuit is plugged into this socket, just like a household appliance is plugged into the socket.

What if the sunshine is very good, and the electricity for your home is low, so what should you do if you generate too much electricity?

As the excess power is fed back into the utility grid, the counts on the newer meters in the home will go backwards.

balcony solar module
balcony solar module



How to apply for the installation of this balcony solar module in America?

Solar modules with a maximum output of 600 watts do not require approval but must be registered with the local grid operator and the Federal Network Administration after installation.

How much power module is enough?

In an ordinary household, a module with a power of about 300 watts is enough. Although there is no surplus electricity that can be fed back to the grid, the power generated is already roughly equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of refrigerators and washing machines in a two-person household. ”

Can I save money by using balcony modules?

The cost of solar cell modules is about 350 to 500 euros, and the return on investment will take 6-9 years. According to calculations, the average electricity price is 0.27 euros, which can save about 54 euros in electricity costs every year, and it takes 9.2 years to recover the cost of investing 500 euros.

And solar modules can generate electricity for 20 years or more, and some manufacturers provide high-quality modules that can even guarantee high-performance operation for 25 years, so in the long run, using balcony modules can save a total of 550 euros in electricity bills for at least 20 years ( Assuming that the electricity price remains the same, if the electricity price rises, the savings will be more).

As for whether solar power is really environmentally friendly, that is another topic. It involves pollution in the entire production process, and recycling after scrapping is not something that individual users should consider.


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