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Colored Solar Panels SGD-335W

Colored Solar Panels SGD-335W

Model: SGD-335W
Weight: 18kg
Cell Efficiency: 22.70%
Unfolding Size: 1725x950x35mm
Solar cell: Mono
Warranty: 10year


Sungold 335W colored solar panels with a conversion efficiency of up to 22%, have a longer lifespan. Attractive appearance and excellent performance, ideal for balcony solar systems. To prevent solar cells from overheating, our solar panels are equipped with high-performance bypass diodes to minimize power drop due to shading.

Colored solar panels are available for balcony systems to reduce the load on the home’s electricity supply. Colored solar panels are available in a variety of colors and can be selected or customized to suit the exterior of the building, allowing you to experience the clean power of solar energy without damaging the landscape.



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Subject: Colored Solar Panels SGD-335W

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