Everything you need to know about solar panels and bird

As people’s awareness of environmental protection continues to rise, people are becoming cleaner and more environmentally friendly in their use of energy.

A variety of new energy sources are being constantly developed by humans.

Light energy, water energy, wind energy, tidal energy, geothermal energy, and other such new energy sources are gradually entering people’s daily lives.

Solar panels are a clean energy source, and the invention of solar panels has many benefits.


Advantages of Solar Panels

1. Independence of energy

If you have a solar system with a portable power station, you can continue to generate electricity in case of emergency.

This energy storage system is essential if you live in a place where the power grid is unreliable or are constantly threatened by bad weather such as typhoons.


2. Save electricity bill

Solar panels can effectively use the resources of solar energy to generate electricity, which can save a lot of electricity bills when used in the home.


3. Sustainability

Oil and natural gas are unsustainable sources of energy because we are using them while consuming these resources.

But in contrast, solar energy is sustainable because the sun is constantly replenished and shines on the earth every day.

We can use solar energy without worrying about whether we will deplete the earth’s natural resources for future generations.


4. Low maintenance cost

Solar panels do not have too many complex electrical components, so they rarely break down or require maintenance at all times to keep them running optimally.

Solar panels have a lifespan of 25 years, but many panels will last longer than that, so you will hardly need to repair or replace solar panels.


As you can see, there are very many benefits of solar panels, but as more and more solar panels are developed and used, some of the drawbacks become apparent.

In particular, solar panels and solar power plants are harmful to birds, and solar panels can kill birds in large numbers.

The Argonne National Laboratory in the United States published a study in 2016, based on limited data, estimating data related to collisions between birds and photovoltaic panels in the United States.

Among other things, the data showed that utility-scale solar installations across the U.S. would kill a staggering 37,800 to 13,860 birds per year.

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Why can solar panels kill a lot of birds?

The currently accepted view is that solar panels mirror the direct sunlight, causing wild birdlife to suffer from aerial vision.

The glare caused by the solar panels may cause birds to think the solar panels are water and swoop down quickly resulting in death.

In addition to this, solar panels will constantly absorb heat from the sun, creating strong heat currents that can injure birds perched above the solar panels.

This argument uses human eyes to see the behavior of birds, and scientists believe more research should be conducted to clarify.

Solar panels have benefits and drawbacks. People are also continuing to study the causes of their bird deaths to find solutions to prevent bird deaths in solar facilities.

While technology is developing, we are building our homes together by respecting life and protecting the natural environment.


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