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How can solar panels benefit the environment and people? — There are two major advantages

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We know that in modern society, the energy crisis caused by population pressure has become a hot topic, and the three advantages of solar energy – clean, long-lasting, and harmless – are of great use in solving the energy crisis.

The development and use of solar energy are a great benefit for the entire human race.



Advantages of solar energy

Solar energy’s distinctive feature is its universality. The sun’s rays shine universally on the earth, and there is no geographical limitation, whether on the ocean or land, on mountains or islands, everywhere.

Solar energy can be developed and used directly, is easy to collect, and does not require mining or transportation.

Another advantage of solar energy is that it is harmless: the exploitation of solar energy does not pollute the environment, it is one of the clean energy sources.

In today’s increasingly polluted environment, this is extremely valuable.

The value of the energy produced by solar radiation is incalculable. Scientists also tell us that the sun can burn for at least 10 billion years and can be said to be inexhaustible, so it is said that the use of solar energy will benefit the environment and all mankind.

Compared to fossil fuels, solar energy is a renewable energy source that is not only recyclable but also uses at least 1,000 times less mass and extraction per unit of energy compared to fossil fuels, and they don’t burn anything.

Fossil fuels must be burned to be used, and the pollution from fossil fuels kills 10 million people every year.

To make better use of solar energy, we have created and used solar panels. Solar panels are what absorb the sun’s energy and produce electricity.

Hi-Power series Portable solar panel

Advantages of using solar panels

Manufacturing and installing solar panels create good long-term technical work and create a “power source” that will last for at least a decade.

The energy and resources that go into solar panels will “pay you back” quickly by generating electricity.

After the initial manufacturing and installation phase, electricity is essentially free – it costs nothing, pollutes nothing, requires no labor (except for a small amount of maintenance of the solar thermal), and has no resources.

All of this is true for solar electric panels and solar thermal panels (which produce heat and hot water).

Look at the vacant roof of your house, it’s a big enough space to install solar panels.

By installing solar panels on your roof, you are using the wasted space and delivering power to your home and the grid in multiple locations near the load, thus saving transmission losses.

They also help keep the house at room temperature – and help shade and insulate the attic.

They also help prevent hail damage and normal wear and tear on the roof. Solar panels can be hit by large hailstones without damage.

Portable solar panel

Solar panels generate the most electricity in the summer – at the same time that most countries have high air conditioning loads. They can therefore reduce the peak power required.

In addition to passive solar heating, solar hot water panels, and heat pumps, solar panels can meet nearly 100% of your energy needs and provide electricity to your neighbors.

The electric company profits from the system and pays you money.

The utility company, your neighbors, and your family, all benefit financially from your system and also avoid CO2 and pollution.

Solar energy and solar panels are beneficial to the natural environment as well as to us humans.

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