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Where Is The Best Place to Install Solar Panels?

The location of a solar panel is very important to its output. Where is the best place to install solar panels? If you want to install solar panels in your home, you can consider whether to install them on the roof or on the ground.

Which orientation is best for installing solar panels?

Before installing a solar panel, the most important thing to know is which direction the panel is facing.

Northern Hemisphere: Locations located in this region require the installation of solar panels facing south.
Southern Hemisphere: Locations located in these areas should have solar panels facing north for better performance.

Where to install solar panels?

Install solar panels on the roof

When installing solar panels, maximum exposure to sunlight is the goal. Therefore, roof installation is more popular. It’s well-positioned to provide more sunlight exposure, which in turn guarantees more yields.

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Install solar panels on the ground

If your roof constrains your solar panels and cannot handle the extra weight, then ground mounted solar panels are the best solution for you. Remember that temperature affects the efficiency of solar panels. When they are well ventilated, the efficiency of the panels won’t suffer too much.

Ground-mounted systems provide better ventilation than rooftop solar arrays.

Install solar panels on the wall

If your home does not have a south or north facing roof, you can use south or north facing wall mounted panels. Install it on the wall of your home and orient it to maximize energy output.

On a garage or shed

Installing solar panels on a garage or shed can be a good option when roof space is scarce.


In addition to these locations, pergola, carport, gazebo or solarium can be built to house the solar panels. These buildings receive a lot of sunlight, which not only produces solar energy, but also makes the house more beautiful.


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