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Genera 2023 was held successfully, Sungold participated as scheduled

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From February 21 to 23, 2023, the twenty-sixth edition of the International Energy and Environment Fair, GENERA 2023 was successfully held in Recinto Ferial.

Organised by IFEMA MADRID, with the support of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, through the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving, IDAE, this year GENERA 2023 shows significant growth in all its parameters, bringing together 385 direct exhibitors from 21 countries in 18,000 m2 of exhibition space.

Sungold Solar team exhibited as scheduled, bringing portable solar panels HP-D-4*100W, SPC-TF-D-4*50W, SPC-TF-S-3*45W, SGWB2-TF-D-4 *50W. flexible solar panel SG-TF-S-120W, LEE-M2-100W. rigid solar panel SGD-M2-150W and other star products.

In addition, the popular new products of Sungold, HP-B-4 *100W modular solar panel and SGD pro color glass solar panel, were also displayed.

Sungold has been deeply involved in the PV industry and is committed to providing reliable PV module application solutions to the market. So far, various solar modules have been developed for RV/MARINE/OFFGRID. The Sungold brand is trusted by many customers worldwide.

“We always insist on R&D and innovation to explore the multi-functionality of solar panels and solve the problem of people’s energy demand nowadays. The products brought this time are highly unique and customers who have purchased them have expressed great trust as well as affirmation.” Lu Weiwen, founder of Sungold Solar, said.

Genera 2023
Genera 2023

In this exhibition, the high-quality products attracted many customers to visit and consult. People especially expressed great interest in the balcony solar system kit. The product has excellent features and is expected to be a game changer in the clean energy industry.

Sungold’s solar panel system is carefully crafted to please homeowners with its versatile design. The product allows customers to generate free electricity for virtually all of their power needs in the home. For home balconies, customers can also choose between conventional rigid solar panels and lightweight flexible solar panels. A balcony solar system is a smart investment to save money on energy bills.

Modular solar panels

People are raving about this product. Sungold Solar had a lively conversation with all the new and existing customers. The portable products, flexible solar panels, and rigid panels also won the hearts of customers with their unique advantages. These solar modules still have irreplaceable functions and values in off-grid fields such as RV and camping.

Genera 2023 was a great success, and the show was packed with people. Sungold Solar also gained a lot.

“This exhibition at Genera 2023 is not only to showcase our superior products and promote our brand but also to have face-to-face communication with other companies and customers to discuss the possibilities of solar panel innovation and the development path of the PV industry.” Lu Weiwen, the founder of Sungold Solar, said with a smile.

In the future, Sungold will also walk more firmly.


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