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Urban-oriented Solar Panels Applications

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Solar energy is an abundant source of renewable energy that has gained popularity in recent years. Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic (PV) panels, are devices that convert sunlight into electricity.

While solar panels have traditionally been used in remote areas or on large buildings, there is a growing interest in using them in urban environments. In this blog post we will discuss the design and application of solar panels in urban areas.


Benefits of solar panels in an urban environment

Reduced carbon emissions

Solar panels produce no greenhouse gas emissions when generating electricity, helping to reduce our carbon footprint and combat climate change.

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Cost savings

Solar panels can help homeowners and municipalities save money on their energy bills.

Increase energy security.

Using solar panels helps reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and increases energy security.

Improving air quality

By reducing emissions from conventional power sources, solar panels can help to improve air quality in urban areas.

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Applications of solar panels in urban environments

Residential rooftops

Homeowners can install solar panels on their roofs to generate electricity and reduce their energy bills.

Sungold Solar is a specialist manufacturer of solar photovoltaic modules including solar panels, inverters, mounts and other ancillary equipment. Sungold Solar produces solar panels for all types of roofs, such as flat roofs, pitched roofs, tile roofs etc. Depending on the size of the roof and the power requirements, you can choose from a range of panels with different wattages and sizes.

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Homeowners can choose to install solar panels on their balconies to generate electricity. Solar balcony systems have gone from concept to prototype to booming development has proven the advancement and viability of balcony PV systems. The following factors need to be considered when designing solar panels for a balcony system.

Balcony area: Solar panels need sufficient area to collect solar energy. Therefore, you need to consider the size of the balcony and the maximum area of the solar panel that the balcony can accommodate.

Solar panel type: There are various types of solar panels, including polycrystalline, monocrystalline, amorphous and thin film solar panels. You will need to choose the right type of solar panel based on the size of your balcony, your design requirements and your budget.

Orientation: Solar panels need to face the direction of the sun in order to maximise solar energy collection. Therefore, you need to consider the orientation of the balcony and the location of the solar panels.

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Tilt of the solar panel: The tilt of the solar panel has a significant impact on the efficiency of the solar energy collected. You need to consider the tilt of the solar panels to maximise solar energy collection.

String and parallel connection of solar panels: Multiple solar panels can form a string, and multiple strings can be connected in parallel. You will need to determine the number and method of string and parallel connections based on your design requirements and budget.

Solar panel brackets: Solar panels need to be mounted on brackets. You need to consider the type of bracket, the material and the way it is fixed.

Electrical connection of the solar panels: The solar panels need to be connected to the inverter and the grid to convert the collected solar energy into usable electricity. You will need to consider the type of electrical connection and the size of the electrical wiring.

Of course you can also consider choosing a trusted manufacturer. Sungold balcony systems are perfect for urban solar systems and can provide you with the best solution.

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Easy to install and remove, you don’t have to worry about moving even if you are renting a flat. High performance and stable power generation efficiency, providing sufficient power for everyday household use.

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Public buildings:

Municipalities can install solar panels on public buildings, such as schools, libraries and community centres, to save on energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

Some of the applicable types of solar panels recommended by Sungold Solar.

Stacked tile solar panels: suitable for roofs and facades of large buildings. This type of solar panel is cost effective and has a consistent efficiency.

Monocrystalline solar panels: For buildings with high requirements for appearance, such as museums, exhibition halls, art centres, etc. This type of solar panel has a beautiful appearance and high efficiency.

Transparent solar panels: suitable for high-class buildings such as large commercial centres and office buildings. This type of solar panel allows sunlight to pass through and also generates electricity, making it ideal for use on building facades, roofs and other areas.

Flexible solar panels: suitable for buildings with special shapes, such as round buildings, curved buildings, etc. This type of solar panel can be customised to the shape of the building and is very flexible.

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Public transport

Solar panels can be used to power electric buses and trains, reducing emissions and saving on fuel costs.

Street lighting

Solar street lighting can be used in areas where it is difficult or expensive to install conventional electrical infrastructure. Sungold Solar’s rigid solar panels are often used for solar street lighting modules with a robust aluminium frame and high waterproof glass output.

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Solar panels are a versatile and sustainable source of energy that can be used in a variety of ways in urban environments. By designing and using solar panels effectively, we can reduce our carbon footprint, save money and improve our energy security. As solar technology continues to advance, the potential for the use of solar panels in urban environments will only increase in the coming years.


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