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What Happens When Installing a Flexible Solar Panel Aboard Your RV?

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Compared to conventional solar panels, flexible solar panels come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And it’s used more than a standard solar panel in most cases. The benefits of installing flexible solar panels on your RV are more than you might think.

Use of the flexible solar panels

Nature hates right angles, so flexible solar panels conform more to the curves of the natural environment than standard solar panels. Flexible solar panels can be installed on the awning of a vehicle, on the deck of a yacht or on a curved roof. Also flexible solar panels are Suitable for for RV and marine.

RV and camper

Adding flexible solar panels to the roof of your RV won’t turn your RV into a solar electric vehicle, but they will allow you to use solar power to run your lights and appliances.Flexible panels add very little weight to your vehicle and are easy to install. Many RVs and trailers are solar powered or ready. Your system will work best if your solar panels have enough power output and batteries to store power for use at night and on cloudy days.

Camping and hiking

If you’re hiking to a remote area and you’re worried your phone’s battery is dead, you can attach a flexible panel to the exposed side of your backpack to charge your phone. If you’re camping in a car, place the panel on the sunroof to charge the portable battery to keep your lights running after dark. When camping in winter, the flexible panels are better able to absorb refracted light in the snow as well as direct sunlight.


Flexible solar panels can adapt to the irregular shapes of many crafts, whether it’s an awning above the deck or the roof of a cab. Be sure to purchase well-sealed solar panels that are suitable for marine environments.

Use of the flexible solar panels

Things to consider before the purchase

What factors should you consider in order to choose the best flexible solar panels? Power is often the primary criterion for choosing the right flexible solar panel. This is measured in wattage. The higher the power, the more devices you can plug in, which may take longer. Secondly, the bending angle of the flexible solar panel is also worth considering. 30 degrees is considered an acceptable bend angle for most flexible solar panels.The efficiency of flexible solar panels is also an important indicator. For example, 15% efficiency is a basic criterion, meaning that 15% of the total light absorbed is converted into solar energy. High-quality flexible solar panels can provide efficiencies as high as 23-25%.At the same time, the installation, size and weight of the flexible solar panel are all conditions that need to be considered in advance.

Benefits of using flexible solar panels

Compared with ordinary solar panels, what are the benefits of flexible soalr panels worth investing in?


Compared to conventional solar panels, flexible solar panels are significantly lighter and smaller. Because they use thin batteries and polymers, these materials are much lighter than glass, metal, etc.


The biggest advantage of flexible solar panels is their portability. Whether on your RV, boat, or in your hiking backpack, a flexible solar panel can be taken almost anywhere. With simple installation steps, you can also easily add flexible solar panels to different off-grid systems to boost power.

Adapt to unusual surfaces

Flexible solar panels are able to be used on curved surfaces where rigid solar panels cannot. This could be on the curved top of a van or an uneven surface on an RV roof.

With their lightweight frame, they’re also able to be installed on weaker more fragile surfaces without causing any damage.

Sungold flexible solar panels

Sungold FP series of 100w flexible solar panels for RV Life

If you want to invest in flexible solar panels , then Sungold will be your best choice. FP series comes with pre-drilled mounting holes, solar connectors, and a junction box for easy and fast installation of the 100w flexible solar panel, which is the perfect choice for any off-grid solar system, especially for transportation applications such as RVs and boats.At the same time,it is a very strong and durable lightweight solar panel. Using high-efficiency mono 166 solar cells to improve electrical performance and power generation efficiency.

At Sungold, you can find 100w flexible solar panel kit products that are lighter, more waterproof, and of higher quality.


Sungold provides you with professional RV,marine,off-grid and portable power solutions.Committed to creating excellent photovoltaic application products for outdoor scenarios. If you are looking for a good solar panels supplier, please contact us.


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