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Outdoor Adventure Essential Portable Solar Panel Kit

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Outdoor Adventure Essential Portable Solar Panel Kit

Have you ever thought about going on an outdoor adventure? Or maybe you like to go camping or RV’ing around the country. In either case, being off the grid has one major downside: No electricity. This makes it tough to cook, stay comfortable, see at night, and keep your devices charged. That’s why you should take advantage of the biggest renewable resource we have and harness the power of the sun.

For outdoor enthusiasts that want to take on the world, this solar panel is designed to be weatherproof, dust-proof, and even waterproof,  rated as IP65 waterproof and dustproof, protecting it against the elements, with a storage pouch on the back for your charging cables.. The carry case doubles as an adjustable kickstand so that you can ensure it’s always angled right to capture as much solar energy as possible.

SUNGOLD SPC Portable Folding Solar Panel is a lightweight, foldable design, high conversion efficiency solar charger for applications requiring a smaller footprint, using advanced lamination technology and durable ETFE &Diamond       surface , all in one Chemical fabric sewing process, longer service life, become the most suitable for people with RVs, campers and off-grid adventures, you can enjoy solar energy when there is sunshine;


This solar panel is designed specifically to fold into an easy-to-transport size of just  22.2” x 21.6” x 0.59”. It even comes with a storage pouch with handles to easily carry the 7.67-pound solar panel. Once unfolded, this bad boy transforms into a 51.3” x 22.2” x 0.15” panel capable of generating 110-watts of power with an impressive 23% conversion rate.

portable solar panels
portable solar panels

In other cases, grid power is available but might be very expensive. For example, some campgrounds charge a lot for electricity, and sungold might be able to save money by using a portable solar setup instead, or they might have greater flexibility on where to park if they don’t need to be parked near electrical outlets.


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